Problem while updating from 3.3.19052 to 3.4.21194

What is your SYNC Region? US

Do you have Navigation? NO

What region is your SYNC APIM? US

What was your old SYNC Version? 3.2.19052

What is your new SYNC Version?

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? installation fauled (LST_ERR05)

How did you update, Ford Website / CyanLabs Website / Syn3 Updater? by syn3 updater

If you answered Syn3 Updater above;

  • What version of Syn3 Updater did you use?

  • Have you read the documentation at Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs ? yes

  • Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below
    (Log files can be found on the root of your USB drive or in %localappdata%\CyanLabs\Syn3Updater\Logs)

Branch: Stable
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (2009)

Version: 3.3.19052
Region: NA
Navigation: False
Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall)
Install Mode Overridden: False
My20 Protection Enabled: Auto-Detect

Mode: Drive
Model: MXT-USB Storage Device USB Device
FileSystem: FAT32
Partition Type: MBR

; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Stable - Autoinstall Mode - Sync 3.4.20351 NA

Item1 = GRACENOTES - 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ
Open1 = SyncMyRide\4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ
Item2 = APPS - 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ
Open2 = SyncMyRide\5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ
Item3 = VOICE - 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ
Open3 = SyncMyRide\5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall

4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ (566.3MB)
5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ (848.6MB)
5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ (385.4MB)

[8/11/2021 10:25:15 PM] Selected Region: NA - Release: Sync 3.4.20351 - Map Version: Non Nav APIM 
[8/11/2021 10:25:15 PM] Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall) Forced: False 
[8/11/2021 10:25:15 PM] MY20 Protection: Auto-Detect 
[8/11/2021 10:25:15 PM] Formatting USB drive
[8/11/2021 10:25:15 PM] Re-creating partition table as MBR and formatting as ExFat on selected USB drive
[8/11/2021 10:25:22 PM] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:25:23 PM] Validated: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[8/11/2021 10:25:23 PM] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:25:26 PM] Validated: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[8/11/2021 10:25:26 PM] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:25:27 PM] Validated: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[8/11/2021 10:25:27 PM] Preparing USB drive
[8/11/2021 10:25:27 PM] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:25:27 PM] Copying: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:26:05 PM] Validating: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:26:32 PM] Copied: 4U5T-14G423-CB_1598636132000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:26:32 PM] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:26:32 PM] Copying: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:27:30 PM] Validating: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:11 PM] Copied: 5U5T-14G381-EM_1611967752000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:11 PM] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:11 PM] Copying: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:37 PM] Validating: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:55 PM] Copied: 5U5T-14G391-CN_1615429328000.TAR.GZ 
[8/11/2021 10:28:55 PM] Generating Autoinstall.lst

Please provide any further details below
Hi guys
I was trying to update my downgraded sync version from 3.3.19052 to 3.4.21194
but when i plug the USB it display the warning that im about to install an update. so i click yes and then nothing happen its lasts for about 30 min and one time i ejected the USB and got an error message (LST_ERR05)

LST_ERR5 means that there is a package it is looking for which can’t be found on the USB. I would suggest you wipe the USB and start fresh.

There also shouldn’t be any prompt to install software, it should automatically begin the installation once you plug the USB in. There are usually only prompts when you attempt to install maps.

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thanks for the reply.
I will try to wipe the USB but what about the warning its like this warning

and i dont have nav on my sync tho . So?
where is the problem i do a master reset every time

That’s interesting I’ve never seen that software message come up before. Might be a special configuration on your APIM.

That message is different from the message for navigation updates.

When doing delta updates you really don’t need to do a master reset after every install (no harm if you do). Only required if you reformat or want to wipe personal data.

This is a non-nav APIM, I wonder if it’s failing due to “low” free storage.

You could create an interrogator log and post the results (edit the name and content to remove your VIN), that will tell us the amount of free space the APIM has.

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That is a Ford packaged update warning. You need to format the usb, and wipe the contents. It would not be a bad idea to do a Master Reset on the APIM before you do the upgrade.

As far as the update not starting, do not include the Gracenotes file, just the app and voice file for the initial update. Also, update to 5U5T-14G381-ET, Sync 3.4.21194, which is the latest app and 5U5T-14G391-CP which is the latest voice file for NA.

Do this…then see if there is enough storage to include GN. (4U5T-14G423-CC).

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@IVORY , were you able to resolve your issue ?

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