Problem with update from 3.3 19052 to last version

Pls help i have this error when i try update my sync

You are probably trying to install EU maps on a non EU APIM or you are trying to install MAPS on a non Nav APIM

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Good afternoon, thank you for your prompt reply. I am from Ukraine trying to update maps. What are my next steps, what should I do to get it back to working condition. ?

Auto from the USA, now in Ukraine. Previously, maps no.F8

@CyanLabs please help me solve this problem. maybe there is some truncated version of the maps? I need specifically Ukraine

Please, do not post multiple consecutive messages, one is enough. If you need to add information, use the edit function instead.

About your issue: Cyanlabs does not support changing regions, that’s what you are trying to do.

Having said that, I’m sure you will find this thread more than helpful → Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles
That’s a reference thread that will help you quite a lot, syn3updater has a cut down maps generator, so some things that are covered in the tutorial can be done automatically through Syn3updater.

If you need to recover the unit “quickly and dirty”, just recreate the USB without NAV. Unit will complete the installation without maps of course, but it will be operative until you sort the other stuff out.

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