Problem with upgrade

My 2019 F250 self upgraded to sync 3.020204. my XM radio stopped working after it up graded. I decided to use Cyanlabs to upgrade to sync 3.4 and still have same message??

Did you perform a Master Reset of the Sync system?

Is this a 4" to 8" upgrade and did you use Forscan?

No. I had 8 screen. All original. No forscan used. Just try to up grade to 3.4

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Pull the fuse on the ACM for 15 minutes then replace, see if the ACM resets and works.

I will do that and get and get back to you.on results.

Where is that fuse? Is it the sync fuse #32 in fuse panel under dash?

Owners manual…should be a fuse diagram and listing referring to the Audio Control Module or radio.

2019 Ford F-250 fuse box diagram - StartMyCar

Looks like 33.

It’s shows #32 SYNC, GPS module, Display, Radio frequency receiver

#33 Radio
Nothing shows Audio control Module

Likely this one.

I did it and nothing. Is there a way to roll back the update??

Try pulling the big black fuse under the bonnet.

I disconnected battery and still same problem.

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