Hi, I have this problem…I have a 32Gb apim and on it I put a ‘truncated’/short version of F11.

It gives this error every time I reboot. What can I do to make this error disappear?

I left the stick in the system and sync even says the system is now ‘updated’. It should go away, but it’s coming back.

I have the files from cyanlabs’ sync3 updater… I have chosen autoinstall mode and only do maps update.

I took 4 ‘421’ files, the license -424- file and one of the ‘voice’ files.-422-. Installation went perfect, but I have this error.

Is it possible that I missed a particular file?

When in a vehicle, this message will usually go away with 2 or 3 key cycles. This is the NAV system still working thru the files and background tasks.

I am curious, do you have GPS lock and does the NAV function?

Nice setup there…

Thierry replied via email, that’s not something that is enabled… here is the message.

Hi, Okay, didn’t know that . It’s as if the system knows that not everything is installed…If you mean by GPS-lock, that I have actually GPS connection, the answer is yes and the Navigation is working
Thank you : that set up was partially made by myself and partially by a Polish guy…he made the 1st version and I expanded it further…
best regards


Correct. Map and NAV voice installations use swap space to load the new maps image or nav voice image and then reboot to swap the images (or mount the images). The old image space is freed up and then used for the next installation or files, etc. So this is still happening in the background even though the system may appear to be finished.

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