Problems with 19274.. maps default to Michigan and slow voice commands..Found a fix

I downloaded to 19274 with no problems but noticed with voice commands in navigation would default to Michigan and phone numbers would not accept the full command and take forever to complete the command. I downgraded to 19101 to downgrade back to factory but noticed all the problems were resolved with 19101.

BTW I noticed downgrading with the automatic tool does not work, but it worked if I did it like described in the tutorial.

sounds like you didn’t factory reset. downgrading with the automatic tool works fine.

I actually did do a master reset, I assume that is the same thing. I was getting error code LST-ERR5 with the automatic tool

fixed a bug under some circumstances with downgrade function, new version released.

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The Michigan problem is fixed in the latest builds. It was there on 3.4.19274 when I first got my car but all good with 3.4.20136 and 3.4.20196.

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