Question about install mode

I want to update from 3.4.20196 to 3.4.20282. Auto-Detect Install mode says “downgrade”. Is this normal? I would consider it as an upgrade, should instead manually select “auto-install” ? If someone can clarify it for me… :blush:
Just asking, don’t want to brick my unit. Thank you.

it’s easier to update maps by downgrading and reformatting rather than a normal upgrade

But why its called an downgrade, when the version goes up? Its confusing for me… :face_with_monocle:
I will go than with the recommended option → install mode “downgrade”

because the version goes down, like i said it downgrades and reformats.

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Just saw the Syn3 Updater diagram… Now is all crystal clear. Thank you very much.

No problem

The documentation does have many answers :wink:

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