Question about official 3.0 update

I have a question about some update files officially from Ford.

I was going to update Sync on two cars, a Focus and Escape to the latest Sync 3.0.20204 (not 3.3 or 3.4, at least not yet) Both are US, non-nav, 2016. APIM Model #s are:
Focus: GJ5T-14G371-BFC
Escape: GB5T-14G371-BFC

I downloaded the update directly from the Ford Owner site. The zip files had the same name, JR3T-14G381-AX, so I thought the files would be the same for both cars, but the one for the Focus contains an extra 1GB file, JR3T-14G391-BF.tar.gz. Going deeper into that file there’s one named voice_new.img. Does the Escape not need that file? It’s really not a big deal, but I’m just curious why the updates are different since I figured the two units were the same, at least in terms of software and features.

On a separate note, as these are my parents’ cars I doubt I’d ever update them to 3.4 since they’re used to the current look. But would there be any benefit to updating to 3.3 instead? Doubt they would notice or care about any improvements, but I guess my inner engineer just can’t help but tinker with things :smile:

The app file, JR3T-14G381-AX, is exactly the same for all cars. The Ford packaging can be vehicle specific including additional files. The additional system voice file, JR3T-14G391-BF, is the latest release for Sync 3.0. You can install these in both vehicles if you like, as the APIM’s are identical, just different part numbers for the car model on the 2nd digit. Both of these files can be downloaded separately here if needed.

Ford APIM IVSU Database - CyanLabs

Honestly, if your parents are used to the present setup, and don’t need the additional tech features, leave it alone. I know what the inner engineer voice is saying…


Ah, I think I see now. I checked the file versions in APIM diagnostics on both cars, and sure enough the Escape already has that voice file installed. Guess it must’ve auto updated over wi-fi and the Ford system knew not to include it in the new download? In any case, it makes better sense now.

But the voice, it compels me :grin:
No you’re right, I’ll leave it alone. If I mess something up on my car I can deal with it, but as much as they trust me with tech support I doubt they’d be too amused if I accidentally break one of theirs.

Thanks a bunch for the help.

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