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I have a FORD MK5 year 2018, with original sync3, with the following characteristics:


-SYNC 3.0 20204 VIRGIN



I have prepared a USB with Sync Updater, with the following characteristics:

Region: EUROPE


MAP VERSION: F12 (2022) EU (05 2022) (UPDATE VOICE)





  1. Is the USB well prepared?

  2. Do you recommend the latest version or another?

  3. Will I have problems with GRACENOTE?If so, can it be solved?

  4. Will I have problems with the clock being reset to 00:00?

Another question that is why I found the CYANLABS utility and I wanted to know if this update would solve the problem of my android auto with the wireless adapter.

"Whenever I make or receive a phone call, the sound goes through to my phone and not to my car speakers when using Android Auto.

Phone is updated to Android 13 and Android Auto version is 9.8.632424

Card: Ford Sync 3.0

Phone is connected to the head unit by Bluetooth.


When Android Auto is not connected, phone calls go through to the car speakers.

If I connect Android Auto by USB, phone calls go through to the car speakers"

In a message in this thread, they indicate that the problem is solved with the CYANLABS utility:

“I recommend checking out Cyanlabs Syn3Updater. This tool will let you update your Sync system past the latest version Ford will offer officially. It’s still all Ford updates, but this gets you into the newer 3.4.x releases and often what are essentially non-public developer/RC builds. Supposedly the phone call issue has been fixed in one of the newer builds. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact one offhand.”

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  1. According to the information provided, yes.
  2. Yes, the latest.
  3. No, since you say you have a stock EU APIM.
  4. No.

About Android Auto issues, I’m running 3.0.20204 with a wireless dongle and I do not have that issue. I didn’t have that issue while using a cable either, so I would not know.

I remember some users mentioning a phone call issue in the past, but I do not remember if they were running AA or CP. Either way, since I’ve not experienced it, I would not really know.

Sorry for spam.

Can you tell me what is your wireless dongle? Can you send the purchase link? because i might buy one just like it


Do you have issues with wired android auto?, or is it just with Wireless Android Auto?.

The one I got is the Motorola MA-1 and I own a Motorola phone (for now).

Would solving that issue be your only reason to upgrade?.
Because if not, if you want a newer UI and map versions, you could just upgrade and see if that changes anything. If it does, great; if not you can continue troubleshooting it while on 3.4.

Again, I remember some users having issues with calls, but I do not remember the versions they reported issues with. Eventually, unless I’m mistaken, it got solved.

Since I’m running the same version as you, maybe there’s something specific with your current setup.

I only have problems with AA wireless, with AA USB it’s ok.

Will update as soon as I can and inform you.

Thanks for all the help

If you have Sync 3 (any version) it does not support AA or CP wireless. You need an external USB adapter connected to the Sync system to use the phone in this manner.

I have a wireless adapter but I have the problem that I described before when receiving incoming calls

Is there a reason for you to continue with version 3.0.20204 and not update?

I used to play music from USB a lot, and there were some reports of sporadic clicking or skips while doing so on the early 3.4 versions. Also, I only used the gps of the car on counted occasions, mostly to test it.

So I do not really need or care about upgrading, since the unit works fine with 3.0 for what I use. I don’t mind having 2015/16 maps.

Now, I’m heavily using wireless android auto, so Sync3 is not really being used at all…

I had the exact same problems with 3.0.20204. Yes, upgrading to 3.4 will fix everything. No, you won’t have any problems as long as you follow the directions. I made a long post on this just after I upgraded from 3.0.20204. You can read it here: I Was Reluctant - I Shouldn't Have Been. 3.0.20204 to 3.4.21265

Fwiw I use a “AA wireless” and have no issues

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I have updated from version 3.0.20204 / EU F11 maps to version 3.4.23088 / F12 maps (2022) EU (05 2022) (UPDATE VOICE)


  • The problem of no sound in incoming calls from Android Auto Wireless has been resolved.

The system works well in general, the navigation works, I have not lost any function, nor any extra that was activated with ODB: cross traffic, alarm, check tire pressure, automatic closing of door locks when driving…

I have won the icons of some radios.

The only thing, maybe it’s a wrong impression, it seems to me that the system is a bit slow, nothing important…

Thank you for providing feedback.
About the slowness, have you master reset?

If I did master reset. Today I tested a Ford Mondeo hybirid with Sync 3.4.20282 from the factory and it was faster, the car was more modern than mine, I think it was from 2020, I don’t know if the Sync 3 system is exactly the same as my 2018 Ford Mondeo

Sorry, just to confirm, you DID master reset then?.

Do you know what APIM you have?, the model number…
Ford did not put a lot of processing power into the APIMs, just enough for their “OS” to run… 3.4 is a bit more demanding than earlier builds, but if that’s an issue to you and you do not care about the new UI, you could try installing 3.3…

But general feedback is that once you upgrade to 3.4 users feel the UI is faster, but we think it’s based on the required master reset being performed.

I confirm that I have performed master reset . Today when I tried it again it was going fast, it was a false impression that it gave me at first, in short, everything is perfect

Thanks for the help . The cyanlabs application is very useful

Sorry, one last question.

As I commented I have Sync 3.423088 and ford mondeo mk5.

I can’t get the mobile apps to work.

I have installed fordpass on the Xiaomi Mi9t mobile with lineage os 20 and I have added the car.

I connect the mobile via usb with the fordpass application open (it is already paired by bluetooth), I go to applications, I click on find applications and it does not find anything.


  1. In configuration / mobile applications, only “ACTIVATE MOBILE APPLICATIONS BY USB” is active, the option “ACTIVATE MOBILE APPLICATIONS” and “UPDATE MOBILE APPLICATIONS” are grayed out and cannot be activated. From what I have read it is normal that “ACTIVATE MOBILE APPLICATIONS” is grayed out.

  2. In the FordPass application, the activate vehicle button does not appear when connecting the mobile with Sync 3 via usb.

  3. In Settings/General/About Sync, Wi-Fi Hotspot and On Board Serial Number does not appear

I put a picture of About Sync in my vehicle.

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