Questiuon on 3.4 Update via Syn3

I have a 2016 F150 with SYNC3 with NAV. I just used the official Ford website to update via USB from version 1.0 to version 3.0.23219. Unfortunately, I think skipping 2.2 caused Android Auto to not get installed, so I was researching on downgrading to 1, then upgrading to 2.2, then on to 3.0. I stumbled across the Syn3 updater and I now realize I can update to 3.4. I just ordered an upgraded USB module and will install Syn3 to get the USB ready, but I have a question. Should I downgrade to 2.2 to see if that gets me Android Auto first, then upgrade to 3.0 and then up to 3.4, or will this work to add Android Auto even though it is not presently installed on my 3.0 version?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 1.0

New SYNC Version: 3.0.23219

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
No, but Android Auto is not present and unable to connect apps like Spotify and Google Maps

Update Method: Official Ford

Ensure it works on 3.0 / 2.2, once it does you can do whatever you want with the unit.

Thank you, @SaNdMaN! Do you know if there are instructions for downgrading from 3.0 to 2.2 to get the AA app installed? I was hoping to do this via Syn3, but I am not seeing the option to do so. I see it under the Troubleshooting options, but “Prepare USB” for “Create Downgrade USB” is grayed out.

Syn3updater only works for 3.3 and 3.4s…
Check this post for guidance → 2016 Mustang Sync3 1.0 updated to 3.0 and no Apple Carplay! - #10 by SaNdMaN

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Thank you for being ao responsive Sandman. I followed the instructions on the link you suggested and successfully downgraded to 2.2. However, it still shows no apps when I plug my phone in to add Android Auto. I may be doing it wrong, but I plug it in and go to Apps > Find Mobile Apps, and it says no apps found.

For additional information, I have a Samsung S22Ultra running Android 14. My Android Auto version is 11.8.641624. If I go to Android Auto settings and click Connect a car, it says to plug into USB, which does nothing when I connect. I am guessing it may be my USB module not compatible with AA, but from what I have been reading here and elsewhere is the USB modules that people upgrade are only for Apple Car Play, AA is already supported. I am misunderstanding this? I have ordered an upgraded USB module in anticipation of upgrading to Sync 3 v3.4, but that module is not compatible with earlier versions of Sync, so it will be useless until I upgrade to 3.4. My concern is I still don’t have it working and wanted it to be confirmed working before I upgrade to 3.4, since that cannot be undone. Do you have any suggestions for me. Do you know of any modules that are compatible with pre 3.4 Sync, that support AA for sure?

You are right about being sure AA / CP works on 2.2 / 3.0 first, some users reported going to 3.4 trying to fix it and no dice without the chance of going back to 2.2.

So, if neither AA or CP works on 2.2 there’s something else at play.
You should not have to change the USB HUB for AA to work on 2.2 though…
Are you using a quality USB cable?, do you have another android phone to try with?.

Have you performed a master reset ? (it should not be necessary, but since its not working, it’s worth a shot).

About the “Apps” thing, it would not appear on that screen. The APPS section of Sync3 is for another type of apps on your phone, not Android Auto or CP.

Well, I just feel like a noob. Had to enable AA in settings. I am good now. I will await my module and upgrade to 3.4. Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can figure out the next upgrade without issue.

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Lol, that will do it! :smile:
Easy fix…

Ok, glad you got it working… Now you are free to do whatever you want…

Until your hub arrives, you can update to the latest 3.0…

Also, general consensus is that you do not need the new hub for running android auto on 3.4… it’s required for CP, but not for AA… You may get a warning about the hub not being compatible though… Others said they were not able to make android auto work either… But those are the few…

So the safe route for you is upgrading to 3.0 until your hub arrives… Then you will decide if going to 3.4 is worth it…

Take care.

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The hub arrived today. I went with an upgrade that has both USB-C and USB A connection. The hub specifically states only compatible with 3.4, so I should be able to upgrade to 3.4 and then upgrade the hub, if i do get an error about the current hub not compatible. I will probably upgrade to 3.0 tonight, since I already set up that USB last night.

I am coming from a much older 2004 vehicle with no lcd displays at all, so I have just limited experience with AA on a couple rentals I have had. I thought I had remembered one of them having AA connection wirelessly, but I see it cannot send such large data amounts via Bluetooth. Unfortunately my Samsung has an issue where the charging port likes to disconnect at random even for just a second, but long enough to kill the AA connection and frustrate me. Going to do some research on options I have to resolve this, either with my phone’s charging port, or alternate wireless connectivity options besides Bluetooth.

Actually, before I go and eff this up…
You seem to be quite the expert and I want to check my work before I go and do something stupid…
The USB I made last night, I kind of just tried to put 2 and 2 together from the link you posted regarding the Mustang SYNC upgrade, where I got the downgrade files, comparing the file names in that example with the most recent upgrade I had originally installed from Ford. Can you confirm if I have it set with the correct .tar file?

I chose “JR3T-14G381-AY.tar.gz” based off the file name for the Mustang’s v3.0 in the post “JR3T-14G381-AX_1599788486000.TAR.GZ” with the AX and AY being similar.

Here are the available .tar files from the USB I created on Ford’s website…


@SaNdMaN, please disregard my last post, I went with the files from here, since it limits my ability to mess something up. Haha!

I am back on version 3.0.20204. Is there a best practice for 3.4 upgrade? I see the app has 3.3, should I start with that then go to 3.4? I would assume no major differences between 3.4 builds, but skipping 2.2 caused an issue with my AA, so didn’t know if there is something important in the 3.3 that I should not skip that version. Or should I be good to just jump to the latest and greatest?

As long as AA/CP works on your current build, go to the latest 3.4 and perform a master reset once you are done.

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Thanks again @SaNdMaN! I was able to upgrade to 3.4 and everything is working. I did the reformat install option, which really should negate the Android Auto working or not before hand. I do believe that was the case as I upgraded to 3.0 and forgot to test AA until I had the USB created for 3.4 ready to go. It was late and I didn’t really want to have to downgrade again. I just had an educated guess that the reformat would probably not require AA working before the upgrade, since reformatting removes all the files from a drive anyway. I am happy now for sure!

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