Radio Station Logos Not Showing

I have installed the lastest Sync3 update in the past week using the Sync3 updater. In the past few days I have noticed my radio station logos are no longer showing. Is this an issue in the latest update?

FYI my latest Sync3 version is - 3.4.22110

Updater Version -

Non-Nav has issues with this, Nav usually does not. Did you perform a master reset after the update?

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Yeah I did one master reset and it still does not show. I also have the Nav system also.

Just tried another full reinstall and the radio channels are still not showing logos. I upgraded from version 3.4.21265 and it was working before the upgrade. The Sirius channels are showing theirs as normal.

Are you using presets to tune the channels? If so, try manually tuning to the channel and save a new preset. I cannot verify but this is rumored to solve the problem. I have not tried this…

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Thanks for the suggestion but that also did not work.

So are you talking about HD Radio?

Yes and non HD Channels

I’m guessing they no longer appear in the lastest versions.

US based OTA FM stations transmit the metadata with the signal, these are not stored in Sync.

Ever since i bought my focus (2019) i’ve never been able to have logos, even though i have the option (and calm screen) on settings…can someone verify with my VIN if i need a firmware update or something to do with forscan so i can know if everything is ok?

I’m thinking the lastest versions might be the issues. When I had version 3.4.21265 it was working. Since then it has not.

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