RE: Sync 3.4.23188 - Feedback & Issues

Am experiencing the following issues after installing update 23188:

  1. Up to 6 seconds of delay after pushing desired screen icon, was near instant before.
  2. Navigation arrow sometimes is off by 100’s of feet or a mile or more, sometimes it puts me in another state 1000’s of miles away or doesn’t respond unless you push navigation icon again, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Usually regains accuracy after 30 to 45 seconds but has locked on inaccuracy for longer periods of time occasionly. Selecting between the Navigation and Home screen does not help.
  3. The radio and screen completely shut off after the initial 23188 install after my vehicle was shut off and restarted. Removing the negative battery cable and reattaching fixed the issue so far. Pushing the volume & ff button simultaneously did not do anything like it did for previous version glitches. I think 22200 was a bit glitchy for me.
  4. Whenever I shut off my truck with the radio selected on any of the third line of FM stations and restart, the screen shows the first 2 letters of the station preselect name on the left and some of the last of the preselect name on the right for a total of 7 preselects instead of the normal 6. It sometimes plays a station from the previous 12 presets on the 3rd set of station selecitons. Pushing the desired station icon will reset all the icons to normal and lock in the selected preset. My truck has a normal preload of 18 FM staitions. AM is not affected. Sliding your finger back to the previous 6 presets and back to the last 6 presets fixes the glitch temporarily until the radio and/or truck is shut off. The glitch always comes back.

Other: I’ve done 4 master resets, sometimes days apart to no avail.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled version 23188 3 times and a master reset each time.
The glitches are still there before and after the master resets.
I’ve reinstalled the previous version 23088 twice. This resulted w/same issues so I reinstalled version 23188 along with the latest map version 2.22 as before.

Vehicle- 2016 F150 XLT. Aftermarket China 8" screen, gps module, and 2.20 navigation, Sync 3.4.
*Aftermarket front & side cameras; Motorola speaker plugin amplifier.
*required plugging factory harness into the supplied camera and amplifier harnesses.
I installed genuine Ford dealer supplied remote start, security system/intrusion sensor, power inverter, heated steering wheel, lighted vanity mirrors, led factory headlight units, 8" dash, dash trailer brake controller and all related modules and wiring/progamming enhancements.
Ford dealer installed new BCM and Key remote modules apx 1 1/2 years ago under extended warranty policy. This added 2 lines as-built code along with screen choices of 911 call toggle on/off.
No observed issues ever with the cameras or amplifier as they were installed almost a year before installing version 23188.
No error codes or DTC’s with Forscan and no dash trouble lights show now.

Summary: You folks are geniuses and am greatly appreciative of the information and updates you offer on your website and realize that these glitches are not of your doing.
Forgive the lengthy description of issues but wanted to be as thorough and clear as possible.
Perhaps you or someone in the CyanLabs Community has a fix.
Have a great new year and thanks for all you do for us.

You answered your issue right here. Many of these are counterfeit and have serious issues.

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