Reluctant upgrade from 3.0 to 3.4.21265 in a heavily updated 2016 F150

I thought I would post my experience with this update which went very well. As mentioned, my truck has been transformed from a basic XLT to just about all of the Lariat 8", climate control, cluster, trailer tow package, rear camera, and most everything Forscan has to offer.

I was very reluctant to do this update for several reasons. Number one, it’s been three years or more since I finished the installs, two it all works great as if Ford sent it out that way, and finally, the only thing was the maps which were outdated. Why fix what’s not broken?

But I’m pleased to report the installation went surprisingly well. Absolutely no issues. I’m a bit disappointed in that the system still has difficulty finding apps from my phone. And Android Auto still sucks, perhaps even worse than before as there is now no way to return to the standard Sync 3 system without a total restart.

All of my settings were retained even without a “Master reset”. I decided to do one for no other reason than the issues with phone apps. It originally retained my home location, all of the Sirius info and functions even after the hard reset. A test drive proved the Sirius traffic was normal. I would highly recommend Sirius Travellink as it totally completes the navigation system.

Thanks to the folks who put this together and I would be more than happy to contribute. But to be honest, the only option is whatever you folks call money in Britain is just too confusing. I have no idea what a “pound” is in comparison to the dollar. You should fix that. Thanks again.


Here is Texas we call those pesos…

Thank you for the feedback and info. Hang around, there are plenty of folks who need help with this stuff. If you would like to post a pic and description of your truck we have a showcase section for that. Latest Showcase topics - CyanLabs Official Community

1 GBP = 1.26 USD.

@JoeG I did the same as you with an Explorer. Started with the Base Police version and have done everything but push button start and Inteligent Access. Did you happen to do this?

I thought about doing it but couldn’t see an easy way to get around the locking wheel without a lot of work for little gain. I likely would have tried a little harder but the harness to the steering column was cut on the donor truck. There was enough of a tail left to realize my column was short a few wires.

I think it would be a doable mod if somebody really wanted to do it. I’m sure you have noticed by now the starter will remain active even after a short touch or turn of the switch and until the engine is running. That tells me the starter is controlled by the computers rather than the key switch itself. The push button simply replaces the key switch. I’m also pretty sure there are Fords out there that have remote start even without the push to start. but I may be wrong about that. But, you would also need the push to start key fob which might complicate things.

I’m glad to see there are others brave souls like me out there. This truck only had 20k on it when I started tearing into it. The wife thought I was crazy but she was pretty amazed when it was all done and worked. And, of course there was the warranty issue to deal with. Which I soon found wasn’t an issue at least with the local dealer. I now have approx. 160,000 on this truck and it stil runs and drives like new. We love the thing. Its a far cry from my first car, a 56 Chevy, which I promptly tore into. More mechanical in those days as the electronics was limited to the then modern key on the dash and an AM radio. Times have changed.

Thank you folks for doing all of this work. I did toss a few bucks into the kitty. (A test) I know very well what it takes to wring this stuff out and the process of sharing it is likely just hard. It’s appreciated very much.

Yea I have the push button and the FOB’s already. I am confident in the wiring. It’s the programming I am worried about. I would need to get rid of PATS and move it over to the RFA module in an Explorer. Not sure if the F150 had that. Seems it’s a one way project and a lot of work to have to revert it back if it does not work.

F150’s use PATS with the radio transceiver RTM.

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