Reverse brake assist - Does anyone have it?

I was watching some YouTube videos a couple days ago and noticed that some Ford F150 (2020+) come with a Reverse Brake Assist feature. I became interested about it and tried to enable it via Forscan.
After modifying the according portion of the AB data and reset the APIM I still cannot see it under the Driver assistance section, where I was hoping it to show.

Has anyone tried this before? Could I be missing something else to set up / enable?

My car:
Ford Escape 2022 Titanium HEV

AB data to modify
Red is current. Green is desired

Likely this will be in the ABS module. The setting for the APIM will only be the user menu, which will not activate the feature.

So, should I check the ABS module in order to enable it? Will that be possible?
On the APIM AB data, if I enable it, shouldnt I be seeing in on the screen?

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You can program the ABS with FORScan. Make a backup of the module first.

That depends. Sometimes the menu will show, but sometimes you will not see the menu on the screen in the APIM if the ABS module does not support the feature or it is turned off. Also, just changing the asbuilt does not always show the feature until a module reset is performed.

What type of operation should i perform on the ABS module? Would that be just an AB data modification (byte value change) or an entire reprogram?

Just the byte change (if the module supports the feature) and then reset the module thru FORScan.

Thanks. By looking at the ABS AB database here, I see a CMbB (Collision mitigation by breaking). Would that be it or would you have extra info on the byte to change?
Also, would i need to change something at the PAM?


That is Forward CMbB. Not related.

Maybe. The easiest way to do this is to find the VIN of a 2020+ Escape that has the feature and compare the asbuilt data for the ABS, PAM, and APIM. The F-150’s with the reverse brake feature are 2021+ and are equipped with Sync 4 and the newer module versions for BlueCruise and/or CoPilot 360.

You have a good point regarding sync 4 as my escape came with sync 3

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