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So this is the story…

I did and upgrade on my Ford Edge 2016 from Sync1 (4" screen) to Sync3 (8" screen), everything is working fine but the upgrade came with NA maps while I live in Panama Central America, so I am looking for replacing NA maps in my unit for ROW maps to get the Pamana map.

There is any guidance you could provide to make it possible?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: Unknown

Old SYNC Version: 3.423188

New SYNC Version: 3.423188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: Latest

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: yes

Syn3 Updater Log File



Cyanlabs does not support changing regions.

Having said that, you should review this thread → Tutorial: Installation of ROW (NNG) Maps on NA 32GB Sync 3 APIM
I’m sure you will find that helpful.

But, if this is true:

You won’t be able to reformat the unit with Syn3updater, so exercise caution.

There’s a workaround for that: FMOD’s universal reformat tool that can be ran against MY20 hardware.
But that’s for you to research.


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Trying to confirm my unit is FY20 i ran the interrogator tool and I didn’t got an definitive answer, insted I got an error message as follow:

What can I do to ensure my unit is MY20?

Here is additional info from my unit:


I think that if you go into bezel diagnostics you can find the apim model listed under some menu…

Also, do you have forscan and an adapter?
I think you can also read the model from there.

Finally, if you can unmount the unit a sticker on its back will tell you exactly what model it’s.

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I got it, the model is:
Assembly Part#: “HB5T-14G371-CCA”
H/W Part# “HB5T-14G380-BA”

Here is where my doubts come, according to my reserch “H” is 2017, checking CyanLab database all the “HB5T-14G371-CCA” registerd are non MY20, but if I look at the sticker behind my unit it says MFG: 11/09/2022. How to ensure if my APIM is MY20 or not?

Any idea on the year?


It’s a counterfeit, you should return it if possible.

Whatever you do with the unit falls on the luck / gamble category.

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Maybe a refurbished unit, any chance? Or are you 100% it is a counterfeit?

I will play along: did you buy it as refurbished ?

No, i dont… was buyed in ebay, but wasn’t listed as refuerbished

There’s your answer, the seller was not honest with you.

And on a side note, refurbished items do not change models.
A refurbished iPhone XR is still an iPhone XR, right?.

Your unit says it’s an H series APIM but has a completely fake sticker with phony numbers and model, no Ford logo, not the right type of material either…

The sticker is the ID of the unit, like your personal ID.
Why would someone erase or replace that sticker?.. Even more, why someone would put a clearly fake sticker on it?.

If they faked what’s outside, can you trust what’s inside the unit?.

Maybe it’s an H series APIM underneath and the only wrong thing with it is the fake sticker, who knows…

Or maybe its internals are also fake and won’t respond correctly to normal upgrading methods and will be bricked…

But as I said before:

Under your own risk, of course.

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You couldn’t say better, thanks for your help to clarify this thing!

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Thats one of the better fake stickers though I must admit.

just to close this love story, I took the chance perform the update thought Sync3 Updater tool all the process was smooth and worked well. I got Nav failure error message after the update, but after change the region code throught Forscan everything is working as should be.

Thank you all for your support

Thank you for updating with the results of your adventure!.

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