Sat nav fault, it's no longer there


Just wondering if anyone has seen this before or any ideas for a fix?

Sat nave just literally disappeared one day, no map database etc, it may have been after I slid across 3 sliders cannot remember if I actually did.
Enable gnss sensor logging
Enable hip logging
Sky view message.

Any hows it’s been into a dealer and they had it for 2 days, reloaded apim and tried the satnav. It failed so asked ford for a asbuilt to flash over or some thing. Ford eventually have come back month and a half and said nothing can be done it needs a new one! But does it? Surely if something is corrupted then should be able to write over it. Annoying thing is sat nav is rubbish really but useful to glance at road names!

It is gb5t.


It probably has failed. Those series had issues, not surprising. However, you can get a replacement much cheaper than the dealer online.

Thanks, as it is being replaced could it be replaced with a newer version like 3.4?

You could do that yes, but the dealer will not. Look for a K or J series APIM. (First letter of the part number)

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