Screen flickers

Hi everybody

I installed the newest sync 3.4 ( 20196)

It works perfectly

Only 1 bugs i find after using it a few days:

Sometimes the screen is flickering when it switched to night mode ( it almost looks like it has not enough power )

Is this a common bug or am i the only one?

I turned the automatic backlight to night mode and now its all good. But is there another way to fixed this?

Thanks in advance

Known issue on older APIM’s on certain cars.

Thanks for your reply!!

So there is no way to fixed it?

Will there be a update in the future that fixed it?

There is no way to fix it, as i am not Ford i do not know if there will be an update to fix it, according to someone in my community who works for a ford dealer, Ford are investigating it.

After updating to 20196, but only on the Apple Carplay screen and after changing from the ‘default’ background, a few times I’d get horizontal gridlines on the screen for a fraction of a second. Not sure if that’s the same “flicker” being described here or not. I’ll switch back to the default background that Apple uses and see what happens. My APIM was manufactured in 2019 (came out of a 2020 Fusion (Mondeo)).

I have heard about this (the video breakup) in CarPlay when using non-Apple cables, but I have not seen it personally. Since you have Carplay working, I suppose you upgraded the USB hub. Did you use one with USB C? These have caused issues, as most are Chinese knock offs rather than OEM, unless you bought it directly from a Ford source, or Tasca, etc.

Yours is a different issue.

The screen flicker is when it’s dusk, not fully dark but not light. I have it on mine but mine is a retrofit so I’ll just have to put up with it.

I can’t say for 100% certainty if the cable itself is authentic (we have sooooo many cables and Apple devices). The USB hub is an actual Ford OEM hub. I did buy it on eBay but the seller is a Ford dealer in Illinois (Rob Baker) so I hope it’s legit…

Looks right…also, check the phone lightning connector for dirt and dust bunny buildup in the connector. Seems to be a thing with these.