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I have tried to update the Sync in a 2019 Navigator with a 10 inch screen, using 3.4.19101 with UK only maps, but it has reduced the screen to about 7 inch in the top right corner. Is there a different version I should be using for the larger screen.

Hi, you just likely need to change your theme with ForScan, the order of themes was changed in newer versions of sync, what version was you on before?

The new gen Navigators all came with 3.4.19101 from the factory, is my understanding.

They came with Sync 3.0 at the beginning of production and went from there…

2019 Lincoln Navigator
Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.0.17302) is up to date.


You upgraded your 2016 MKC, I remember.

FORScan setting to restore screen layout:
7D0-03-01 xxxx **xx xxxx
Visual Themes Sync Version 3.4
07=Lincoln 10L MY20 10" Landscape (Horizontal)

Yes I did and it worked great on the MKC but when I tried it on the Navigator it made it a small screen .

Hi Yes I think they did but my reason was to change the maps to UK

Problem is in the UK there’s no Lincoln or navigator so changing the region might change program parameters.

You mean in the UK? The FORScan change will work regardless of region. I helped a guy in China correct the same setting. 2018 Navigator.

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I am in the UK and the Navigator is a China market car. Im not familiar with FORScan is it a simple process.

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FORScan is pretty simple, and free for the program, but you will need an OBD adapter to communicate with the vehicle. These run about $50 to $75 US for the reliable ones. The OBDLink EX is an excellent adapter for about $50 US.

That being said, if you are comfortable with computers, programming asbuilt configurations in your vehicle is not a real challenge, you just need to know what you are doing. There is an excellent tutorial by Livinitup at

FORScan Tutorial - Google Docs

Read thru this and see if it’s something you are comfortable with or not. Another option is to reach out to this forum for assistance. There are a lot of folks in the UK that frequent here, and you might be able to find someone close to you.

Thanks very much for the help ill try and get the Forscan or find someone who has it

Hi, hoping you can put me in the right direction. I understand you updated your MKC to UK maps.
I have a 18MY mkc. Need to get uk maps as they currently show Beijing :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.
Thank you :pray:t3:

Sorry, this stupid auto correct keyboard is so patriotic.

Hi Yes I successfully managed to update my MKC from Chine maps to UK, the process I used worked very well in the end.
1; Ask Cyanlabs to prepare you a cut down Version of a European map update with UK Maps only, I used 3.4.19101, but I would think you can chose which version you like, it costs £14.99. Reformat your APIM with this version with Region Europe, 3.4.19101, UK map Only, Via your USB drive which should now fit in your chine market 32GB APIM but the voice prompts for phone paring etc may be in Dutch or German.
2 To change the voice prompt to English you need to download another sync update. ( I think I used 3.4.20136 but Im sure you could use the latest version.). This time you need to download in Autodetect Region CHINA , 3.4.20136 , KEEP EXISTING MAPS. and put this in your MKC via the USB drive.
All your Maps should now be UK and voice prompts in English.
Good luck

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