Screen went black but turned back on after update from 2.3.17109 to current 3.4.22251

I updated my daughters 2018 Escape the other day to the latest Sync 3 (thumb drive method) and she told me her screen cut off today while listening to music. It did turn back on which differs from what I’m reading about people with just a continual black screen… it doesn’t work at all.

She said it is a little glitchy too, like her Carplay locked up a little as well.

I did a master reset after updating it. Any ideas?

You could try another master reset as sometimes you need it to get the bugs out of that particular version.
You could also update from it to the latest version 3.4.23088, maps 2.22 which has recently been released by Cyanlabs.
If all else fails I suggest you downgrade back to version 3.4.21265 which is apparently more stable.

I do not think an additional MR would help, but it won’t hurt trying.

3.4.22251 is no longer current, plus it has a big warning about not being recommended. Why did you choose that build exactly?.

I would recommend installing another build, 21256 as proven to be quite stable. Or, try the latest 23088. Also, make sure the unit is reformatted, since you have already done from 2.3 to 3.4.

Also, consider there may be a hardware issue developing in the background.
The temporary off screen may be do to a cable being loose, or another HW issue.

I was unaware that 22251 wasn’t regarded as stable. I don’t remember a warning, otherwise I might have not chosen it… my log files are dated 4/5/23 for her vehicle. I also used 22251 on my retro fit of a Sync2 to 3 in my F150, using a screen/apim from an Escape back in February. My truck has had zero issues, I digress before I get too off topic…

If a master reset doesn’t work, I’ll build a 21256 or 23088 drive for her.

Appreciate the feedback.

22251 is stable (or as stable as Ford would allow it to be), but this is stated in Syn3updater:

The issue with 22251 is that we got a lot of reports from users that could not upgrade to other builds, or got their sync3 settings reverted to defaults settings. None of these issues are the ones you are describing

I do not think 22251 is the issue here, but I would not recommend installing 22251 either.

A black screen as said before, makes me think there may be a hardware issue. Also, CP freezing could also mean hardware issues with the APIM itself.

So, what I would do is redoing everything with another build, 21256 or 23088.
We have not yet received negative feedback from 23088, so I would go with that.

Besides, changing just Sync3 version is quite easy.

APIM Sync Settings Not Saving, VER_ERR08 Errors, Cannot Perform Master Reset or Upgrades/Updates - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

I’ve noticed that on version 22251 when I use android auto sometimes the screen goes black during driving for one second or so and come back again. I’ve updated to the latest version today, things seems a bit more smoother. I’ll keep an eye on it for the next couple driving

This is really interesting, you are the 3rd person to report some issue like that on 22251…

Please, keep us updated about your findings on the new build, since it could be related to 22251.


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I’ve noticed even when I was playing music using Android Auto sometimes music stops and resume again. These were not happening too many times to be bothering for us but things I noticed.
I drive mostly during weekends so I might come across these issues a bit late :smile:
Currently I’m on 23088, so I’ll keep an eye on the behaviour of this version to see if I find any issues

So guys, what’s the verdict?.
Many days have passed, is the issue solved or has it improved?.

I haven’t noticed any problem during this period when I used Android Auto. It seems version 23088 is much more stable than 22251

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