Semi-Auto Parallel Park Display Issue

Hello there,

I’ve managed to get my Sync 3 retrofit working almost perfectly.

Two issues I’m facing though.
My car is a 2012 Focus Titanium X (UK) spec, with factory reverse camera and SAPP.

I’ve managed to get the SAPP working fine, however the graphical UI is iffy - when in a forward gear, everything displays fine, however once the reverse camera kicks in, the arrows and instructions disappear half off the screen in the top left corner. Is this a display resolution / theme issue?

Also, one that I’ve not managed to find any answer to - when I was using the 5" MFD with Sync 1.1, I used to get dynamic parking lines and the red/amber/green guides to the side. These now no longer appear. I get the icon of the car with front and rear sensor display, and grey colour changing blocks at the bottom of the video, but nothing else.

When I first turn the car on and enter reverse, I get the black dotted line appear briefly, but then it disappears.

Here’s my APIM ASBUILT, does everything look OK do you think?
APIM_20230521_134816.abt (349 Bytes)


This is expected and I don’t think anyone has found a way to resolve this on C1 vehicles like yours. Fusion owners have been lucky just upgrading the calibration on the PAM but at least in my personal experience with my C-Max, this made no difference. That said, the actual autopark procedure still works just fine.

Having reviewed the architecture of the whole pipeline of the PAM, IPMB, and associated modules, I think the newer Sync 3 equipped models moved from having a dedicated IPMB to having that built in to the BCM and is likely where the disconnect is. If that theory pans out, it would mean needing a newer BCM which is a huge undertaking. Additionally, the BCM already takes on some of the PAM functions even in the older model years so that adds to reason that the BCM is likely in the way here and I’m not confident a calibration update on an older model would be sufficient.

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This is true for some models, but the trucks still use the IPMB for these functions as well as the trailer backup assist.

Also correct, but this functionality is not duplicated by both modules simultaneously. In a vehicle without a PAM, the BCM assumes the role in a limited fashion, less feature set. In a vehicle with a PAM, the BCM is told in the asbuilt that a PAM exists, and the PAM features are disabled in the BCM.
This is true for more modules than just the PAM.

Thanks chaps, that’s interesting reading.

How about this one, is this a theme selection issue in the asbuilt, or does the PAM need to know what screen size it’s ouputting to?

(See the arrows and instruction on the top left)

Exactly, however there is no adjustment for this, at least known. Is your display backwards?

I didn’t notice, but yes, it appears it is mirrored. That’s normal though isn’t it, it would be the same way as looking in the rear view mirror?

Yes it is. I had to check on mine. Just seems odd but it’s right.

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