Single climate control on Sync 3

Hello, do you think its possible to add a single climate control menu on sync 3 screens to a 2015 ford f150 xlt

Do you have forscan and an adapter?
I would check this value to start →

Not sure if that would activate it, but based on the title, it could.

Yes I do. I’ll confirm after making the change. Thanks

It’s not possible, SYNC 3.4 does not seem to have a Single Climate control ui

EDIT: well actually it does but only certain car types seem to support it.

You converted to Sync 3 if I remember, correct? Sync 2 would be different.

This relies on manual or automatic climate control. Manual climate control would be equivalent to single zone climate control on a 2015 F-150 XLT. Climate domain setting would be Climate Domain Off (Manual). For a retrofitted 2015 with manual climate control, you could try this, not guaranteed to work.

DE00/7D0-01-01: xxxx-*xxx-xxxx
0=Aux Audio Only, Rotary Volume, CGEA, North American Strategy

DE00/7D0-01-01: xxxx-xxx*-xxxx
6=DAB Disabled, Single Zone, Steering Wheel Angle Absolute, HD Radio Disabled, or
7=DAB Disabled, Single Zone, Steering Wheel Angle Absolute, HD Radio Enabled
(HD Radio or not.)

DE00/7D0-01-02: xxxx-x*xx-xxxx
6=MMI Disabled, CCT Manual, SSA Not Available, NRF Motorola Format

DE03/7D0-04-01: xxxx-xx**-xxxx
83=Climate Domain Off (Manual), Fan Repeater On, Temperature Repeater On, or
03=Disable Climate Control Repeater for Single Climate Control

Yes, me and my friend converted from sync 2 to 3. My F150 is Lariat so I have dual. My friend is xlt single climate control. My dual climate control in sync 3 works great. I’m going to try my friend xlt in the next few days and will reply with an update. Thanks

By the way cyanlabs is an awesome site

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Hey, this is just a follow up to see how things went, since we haven’t had an update in the last week or so.

Would this be possible on mk8 fiesta currently on sync 3.0 ? If i upgraded to 3.4 i take it , it wouldnt on single climate ?

Single climate doens’t appear to work on Fiesta MK8’s i have one.

Hello, the APIM settings mentioned below didn’t work for the 2015 Ford F150 LT single climate. But it was a good try.
Thank You

I was thinking being a manual single control that it was not designed to, but thanks for trying. Well, at least we know…not guaranteed to work.

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