SiriusXM free preview showing unsubscribed in IPC and Subscription status page

This is probably yet another odd Sync quirk that probably has no resolution and honestly isn’t a huge deal for me but figured I’d bring it up.

I don’t currently have a SiriusXM sub (mostly because I despise the audio quality on the older Sirius only tuners, SiriusXM’s billing tactics are the final nail in that coffin but I digress). I’ve seen this during the free previews over Memorial Day this year as well as the one going on right now.

Basically all the services are active including traffic, weather, etc… The subscription status page shows everything BUT the audio side as subscribed but the audio channels are available. Artist/Song info shows correctly on the main APIM display. However in the IPC it just shows the unsubscribed ‘Please call this number blah blah…’ message. It also appears as if the channel guide is not available. I’ve left it up for many minutes and it remains blank.

Sadly I can’t recall if this occurred with Sync 2. It may have but I had finally gotten around to cancelling my subscription around the time I upgraded to Sync 3.

I have seen what you describe but mine corrected itself after some time. X2 on the billing tactics also. I refuse to ever give them any billing info ever! I would add the DJ’s to the list also.

They use the auxiliary metadata channels to run the banner. I find this to be distracting and a plain safety issue when they are sending messaging to your IPC so you have to take your eyes off the road to read it.

It is very common in the broadcast industry, and is effective. We used to call it YDB crawls, or “You Dirty Bastard”, because when we ran it for the cable channels, it usually meant we were trying to keep business with the cable company in question. And yes, it is annoying and an underhanded practice that works, believe me.

Good to know! So not a Sync bug, just SiriusXM being the usual corporate soul sucking crap they have been. :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting tidbit on the auxiliary metadata though.

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