Some Radio Logos

Dear F150Chief,

I have a strange issue with the Radio Logos.
Here is the story in short:
I replaced the APIM in a 2015 Ford Mondeo (EU), went from Sync2 to Sync 3.
I received the module with the software already upgraded to 3.4.23188.
There were no Radios Logos and Calm Screen.
After lots of reading your forum I realized that a firmware upgrade is needed, so that’s what I did, I upgraded the firmware to the latest “available” in ForScan.
Calm Screen appeared, but still no Radio Logos.
Another round of reading followed, I realized that I need to upgrade the ACM firmware too, so that’s what I did, upgraded it to the latest “available” in ForScan.
Radio Logos appeared, however only on some stations:

  • There are a couple stations on DAB which have logos, 3 out of 7. They are the nice ones which appear in the background too.
  • There are a couple stations on FM which have logos, about 6 out of 15. Here they are not shown in the background.
  • There are stations which have logo on DAB but not on FM and vice-versa.
  • There were 2 stations on FM for which the logo first appeared briefly, half a second, but never again.
  • The album/artist shown when playing music from usb also doesn’t have a background. (I have seen pictures in this forum where all 3: dab, fm, usb music have background.)

I am at the latest possible levels with all software/firmware, I tried master reset, all kinds of config params in the apim, downgrade to 3.4.21265 and upgrade back to 3.4.23188, did everything I could, but most of the logos still don’t appear.

As I am out of options and clueless please help:

  • What should I do to make most of the logos appear? (I know there are logos in the db, see above.)
  • What should I do to have the nice background in FM and USB?

Original APIM Sync 3:

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: HS7T-14G371-FAD
Calibration level: HS7T-14G371-FAD (latest known: JS7T-14G371-NHH)
Strategy : GB5T-14G374-CB
Calibration: GB5T-14G375-FA

upgraded to the latest possible.

Original ACM:

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: DS7T-19C107-GJ
Calibration level: DS7T-19C107-GJ (latest known: DS7T-19C107-GR)
Strategy : DS7T-14D099-GJ
Calibration: DS7T-14D100-GE

upgraded to the latest possible, ending with GR

Thank you!

  1. in the factory .23188 update for a car that came with Sync3 there is a DAB update
  2. The album art in the USB screen gets pulled from the GraceNotes database or whatever has been saved to the USB as an album cover.
  3. where did the APIM come from and who did the custom AsBuilt for it?
  4. Please run the CyanLabs interrogator so that we can see what model APIM we’re dealing with and what is currently loaded on it.


  1. OK.
  2. OK, understood.
  3. I’m not sure about the donor vehicle, it might have been a Focus.
    I did the programming. I took my car’s sync 2 factory asbuilt from Ford, uploaded it into sync 3 and modified it here and there to make everything work. This was the easy part.
  4. OK, I ran the interrogator. How can I send the file to you?

Thank you!

If the donor came from a Focus without any changes to the AB to match a Mondeo you will have all kinds of strange issues.

7th button from the left in the posting/reply window is upload

OK, here it is.
Sync_NVC200J2_WF0EXXWPCEFL20513.xml (11.5 KB)

Can you upload the current Asbuilt for your APIM?

Without having a copy of your APIM AB here’s what I can pull from the xml comparing it to a 2017 Mondeo. The difference are indicated.

7D0-02-01 xxxx 0101 xx
7D0-02-02 xAxx 8x04 8x
7D0-02-03 24xx

7D0-03-01 0203 0000 00

7D0-04-01 0000 1D00 24
7D0-04-02 01xx

7D0-05-01 1AC2 1AA4 28 (vehicle specific)

7D0-06-01 8x

7D0-07-01 0700 3300 00 (vehicle specific)
7D0-07-02 0000 171C 00 (vehicle specific)
7D0-07-03 0056 5688 00 (vehicle specific)
7D0-07-04 6A (vehicle specific)


I have modified some parameters according to your instructions, it may have stopped the compass spinning (which I didn’t mention :-)). Thanks for that.
No change regarding the logos.

Here’s the current asbuilt.
WF0EXXWPCEFL20513_APIM_20240613_163518.abt (401 Bytes)

Thank you!

7D0-01-01 8xxx xxxx xx There are no video inputs on the Sync3 media hub should be 0
7D0-02-02 xxxx xxxx 0x Are you sure you have an AM Longwave DAB L-Band receiver?

You are right, probably no Longwave, not using it anyway.
I have modified both.
Still no change in logos.

Thank you

I have unpacked the “1U5T-14G658-AH_1644006443000.TAR.GZ” file and found the logos I am looking for so it’s sure they are available, just not shown.
Any more ideas?


Are you sure that file is installed?
You could do a single file install.

Yes, I am sure. I did this already.
And if you check the interrogator log, it’s the first in the Installed Packages list.


The it won’t hurt to try and reinstall the file.
I had a case in 2019 where the map voices commands weren’t right after upgrading the map using a Ford official upgrade, the voice file showed as being installed as well as being the correct one.
Reinstalling just the file fixed the issue.

I did it.
The situation got worse.
The logos are still not there, and in addition I lost the volume control feedback :slight_smile: . It works, but there is no feedback on the screen, not even after a master reset.

At this point I would backup my current AB and go looking for the VIN of an equivalent 2017 EU Mondeo to download the AB from Ford.
Then I would drop it into the APIM and do a master reset.
I’m inclined at this point to think that you have junk in the current AB from the donor as well as bits from your Sync2/MFT (which should never have been loaded in).

OK, I will do this.
What about Syn3 Updater “Reformat” or “Downgrade Mode”? Could this help?

A reformat is not going to fix a screwed up AB config.
Before you consider a downgrade/reformat make sure you have good quality USB (SanDisk, PNY, Lexar, etc), that your ports are in good shape and you need to completely read the docs.
Don’t try to do this just by watching YouTube videos.

I did what you told, loaded an other 2017 Mondeo’s ab, master reset → no change :frowning:

I did the downgrade (reformat) too → still no change :frowning: