Steering wheel controls not working correctly after update

Hey all,

I have a 2017 F150 Limited that I updated from Sync 3 ~2.2 version to 3.4 (don’t think it was ever updated).

I’ve noticed that after the update the steering wheel controls are really buggy. Occasionally the volume, or back, forward button will not be correctly mapped. Then other times it will. I’ve noticed this most in Android Auto. For example, the forward button will actually go backward. The volume up button will change source. Little maddening. Especially when I realized the back and forward can go back 10s or so in a podcast, very useful feature.

Is there a configuration file that I need to update? Or do I need to downgrade the version?

Did you perform a master reset?

Do the buttons work properly controlling the Sync system without a phone connected, not using AA or CP?

Since you didn’t provide any response in about 2 weeks, I’m closing this thread.