Steering wheel controls sync1-sync3 3.4

I’ve upgraded to sync3 and everything is working perfectly EXCEPT my steering wheel control. Trust me, I have scoured everywhere. Please talk in plain English bc I’m still learning car talk.
My sync isn’t recognizing CarPlay either but my phone can connect. My phone CarPlay tells me I have to hit to “talk” button on the steering wheel to connect to the car but bc I can’t access that bc my steering controls do not work, so my sync3 does nothing but work like a wireless device… And yes, I did replace the USB bezel.
I read that base sync1 steering wires were connected to the back of the 4.2 inch screen. I did have a 12pin connector that I scratched my head around as it was not used setting up sync3 (3.4) . There were only 4 wires l- for power (pin1) , HSCan- (pin 4) HSCan + (pin5) and ground (pin9)
My backup cam is on my mirror.
I read that these wires need to be connected into the APIM in the Audio in/out jacks for the steering wheel controls to work.
I don’t know which pins to place these into the APIM. Yes, I saw the diagram but I just can’t figure this out. It would be helpful to explain and talk to me like a 1st grader.
I also saw on my AsBuilt SMMC, that one of the lines is missing 2 digits. For instance, the new data shows 1111-1111-1111 but my asbuilt shpws 1111-1111-11 . I know ur supposed to add ur original asbuilt info but does it work if my original is missing 2 digits as the end?

So please help me in telling me where to connect these wires and the forscan issue pertaining to the SCCM.

The sync I bought had the version 3.4 already on it.

Am I missing any steps?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: OEM Replacement

Old SYNC Version: 1.0.25306

New SYNC Version: 3.4.20220

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
Ps don’t know what version my original sync was but it was sync 1 4.2”

Update Method: Official Ford

Choose 02 SWMT instead 03 SWFC under APIM settings.

I don’t have that option under the APIM settings - the non asbuilt. I believe it’s bc I have to wire them in first.

You need to use the Asbuilt menu in FORScan, don’t use the ‘easy’ menu.

Thank you for ur help. I’m a bit confused. I will try that too BUt from what others are saying, I have to switch wires. Are you saying this has nothing to do with the wiring?
Fcim from the 12 pin back of 4.2 screen:
4 mscan ~
5 mscan +
7 switch audio +
9 ground
10 control # audio
They said I need to splice pin4 fcim to pin which goes to pin 46 APIM & 10 to APIM 47 FCim pin 5 into the front interface panel.

In my car, there was no pin 7 or 10.
I rechecked my apim harness, I don’t have a 46/47.

I have an interceptor. I’m trying to figure out where would 7 & 10 be.

On the Taurus site and Kuga, the steering wheel control will not work without these switches.

Retrofit, not a OEM replacement.

Here is a pinout for the various Sync units, no SWC are directly connected.
APIM Connector Versions.pdf (201.5 KB)

The last 2 digits are checksum bits, not related to settings. You will see that Ford will not list these in documentation.

As far as the SCCM, is this what you are referring to with the SWC wiring? It should be…specifically line 724-03-01 XXXX xxxx xx. These are different layouts and button packs for the SWC controls. For a 2016 Police Interceptor, the setting in the SCCM should be 724-03-01 0201 2806 60. This should not have to change just to install Sync 3, however the stock button packs may not have the functionality you need for certain functions, like the talk button feature. In this case you will need to replace the button pack with one that does and program the SCCM properly. You may need to upgrade or replace the SCCM also. You will not accomplish this but modifying the button packs.

Address xxxx xxxx xx Function
724-03-01 **xx xxxx xx Steering Wheel Switch Left Hand Cfg
00=Analog Config/Unknown/Not Used
01=Ford High
02=Ford Base
03=Lincoln High
04=Lincoln Base
05=Legacy With OK
06=Legacy Phone Only
07=Legacy No MGM
724-03-01 xx** xxxx xx Steering Wheel Switch Right Hand Cfg
00=Analog Config/Unknown/Not Used
01=Ford High
02=Ford Base
03=Lincoln High
04=Lincoln Base
05=Legacy With OK
06=Legacy Phone Only
07=Legacy No MGM

This is not SWC…this is the hardpanel FCDIM controls. This is not an FCIM. You should have replaced the FCDIM with the FCIM. The FCIM should communicate over CANBUS to Sync 3.

This is the asbuilt file for a 2016 PI:…
1FAHP2MK1GG148350.ab (12.0 KB)
and the SCCM module…
1FAHP2MK1GG148350_724_SCCM - Steering Column Control Module.abt (261 Bytes)

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Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I have to figure out WTH I need to do now. The place that replaced my battery (which I didn’t have to do at that moment) didn’t tighten it enough so my car died. When I restarted, everything went blank. The heater works but bc I didn’t get to the steering wheel switch, I can’t reset the actual sync3.

I’m going to do a check the fuses. I honestly can’t believe Ford made the drivers fuse box so unreachable. I have small hands and the fuse I need is almost impossible to get to.

I may need to move it bc this is the most absurd design ever

Ill take a look into my AB files i have a 16 interceptor utility, of which i did the sync 3 upgrade to as well, when i added the heated steering wheel i had to play in the options you were in as well. I can say the buttons are there to stay unless you swap sccm but itll involve swapping to floor shifting given we both have column shifters lol i died on that hill too lol. But ive seen Taurus’ with buttong for sync and bluetooth not work here given our chiefs drive both the taurus and the ex. It has to do with the original sync 4in set up i havent gotten to investigate too much.

That would be AMAZING. At this point, I’ve been getting some info here and there.

I have my sync rebooted after changing the fuse which btw, the designer should be fired. I don’t know how men get to the fuse box since I’m a 5’10” thin female with small hands & was losing my shhh. My next project is going to be shifting it down a bit.
I have a question- & forgive me if this belongs elsewhere - this is my very FIRST FORUM- but interceptor info is hard to acquire. My sync3 is 3.4.19274. I thought it was up-to-date but it’s obv not.

  1. Should I make sure my apim changes are done first before upgrading?
  2. Do I jump from this version to the latest, or do it slowly?
  3. Lastly, my fuse is a 10A. Bc I upgraded, is there fuse changes I need to make?

Sorry for all the questions. I spent a month buying books/researching. I won the Interceptor on a whim from an auction. I accidentally bidded on this. I had converted an old ambulance prior so this electric system is fairly different.

Don’t worry, RD4154 and I have both done tons on the Police models so were pretty good resources. We both just work ALOT!

It’s been a really long time since I did the SWC on mine. I also converted it to a center console shifter. RD5154 might be more up to date on it.

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You can make the APIM upgrades anytime. You can go directly to the latest version using the Autoinstall method. Just use the Syn3 Updater and follow the instructions.

You fuse should be fine.

@RD4154 and @bill32399 are wonderful assets for the mods you want to do.

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