Syn3 updater 2.0 released

I don’t have thousands of pounds so this is not possible. It’s a false positive and there is nothing I can do about it. Check the file with virus total.

Thanks for fast reply.
I’m sure, that the file does not contain any dangerous content.

I’m also able to deal with such issues, but I think about users who are not able to deal with it.
The thing is, I use software which brings up such messages with version one …

But you software was never rated dangerous except this version.

Its the uninstall file that is the issue and it’s just a standard NSIS installer based uninstall, either way the new version that is about to be released completely changes the update/install system


My Kaspersky AV picks the new update up as a trojan as well… Kinda annoying, it always auto deletes it. Anyway to fix the update so it doesn’t trigger my AV and many others?

Is this on 2.1.0 also ?

yes, if I want to use the application I now have to disable AV, re-download it, install it… it Autodeletes the download… Weird… i never had issues, was working fine until like a week, week and a half ago…

doesn’t sound like you are using 2.1.0, what file does it delete?

The latest download you offer (, my AV rejects it :frowning:

give me some information, what file is being rejected?

the 1mb installer.exe the AV rejects it so I can’t even open it unless I disable it.

This is a standard NSIS install, without further information I can’t do much about it, i need to know details of the threat it supposedly found etc.

Any one who was on Windows 7 may have experienced Launcher.exe crashing, please update the launcher manually from Syn3 Updater – CyanLabs to resolve this issue!

Not much we can really tell you… our AV auto deletes the download, so we can’t even open it…

I attached picture. I also running Windows 10 Pro x64

p.s everything was running smoothly before this new version and the last one.

Same thing happening with bitdefender, unable to install.

Same thing with AVG internet security

The problem here is there are a lot of things that are detected as “virus like” not too much i can do about it.

I’m also not sure why the change in virus detection between 2.0.4 and 2.1.0 as i can revert the relevant part of code back to the the 2.0.4 version and it still detects it,

Common reasons for detecting a virus.

  1. Admin access being required
  2. Modification to files outside of the application “allowed areas”
  3. Accessing programs like diskpart to format disks
  4. Downloading data from the internet

Basically I can’t replicate this issue with any security software i have access to.

Can all affected please confirm to me the last version that was virus free, ofcourse all of these are false positives and my software does not contain a virus, the sofware is open source and can be built if needed ( you will need a API key to gain access to my server though)

Everything is fine with me

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I use Bitdefender for my security and have no problems with this program.

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I also have no issues using ESET, my work Symantec however has a hissy fit :smiley:

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