Syn3 Updater: an underlying connection was closed…

Hi folks,

I am getting an error getting a USB ready for a Sync 3 update. I am trying to update to version Sync 3.4.22200 (I still get an error on the version before rhis) with navigation selected also.

Would this be due to the server migration taking place?

Your network is blocking the connection, not a lot we can do about this.

Tried on two networks, same issue, so it is not that. I will try turning antivirus off though. Can you replicate it if I got you all the settings tried?

Here is the last step before it fails (when I tried this morning)

The connection was disconnected, as per our documentation the files are not hosted by us, therefore there is nothing we can do.

“connection forcibly closed by REMOTE HOST”
This means Ford’s Azure servers closed the connection to your PC for whatever reason

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