Syn3 Updater will not run

Does anyone have any idea how or what to do to fix this?

Make sure that you are using the latest version.

Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs

Check windows event viewer


Did you get this fixed?

I haven’t had the chance to check it again, Ill be able to do so tomorrow. As far as I know, I downloaded it initially from the link above. I’ll try to Uninstall and redownload and get back to yiu as soon as I do.

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Are you on windows 7? please note windows 10 is required

No. I’m in windows 10.

OK then as i said 6 days ago, check Windows event Viewer for crash information :slight_smile:

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I Still can’t get it to work. Windows defender off, run as admin. I even uninstalled and reinstalled.

Which version of Windows 10 are you using? (Home, Pro, or S)
Have you installed the latest Net Framework? I see you have an error there.
Is this a business machine, company owned?

Its a personal laptop, I’m actually not to sure which version of windows 10 it is. I do know I just had it serviced. Completely wiped, Upgraded to ssd and 16gb ram.

I’ve seen these errors before. You say you just upgraded to SSD and I am guessing some image copying software was used? I have seen it done this way and it will cause errors with .NET. You need to do a reformat and new install of Windows based on the errors I am seeing. Let me guess, Geek Squad?


Agree with this. Not the first incident I’ve seen of this. Seems that either .Net is corrupted or an issue with the image process. Or UUID issues due to changed software/hardware. You might try uninstalling .Net and reinstalling. Also, you can download Windows from Microsoft and install it over again. Make sure you write down your license key before you do. Choose not to save any files for the new installation. Make sure you back up everything to an external drive.

Or take it back and get it fixed. The .Net errors are clear indication something did not go right.


I’ll first try uninstalling and reinstalling. Hopefully that works. A friend of mine did me a favor and tried to fix it. If the laptop was running any slower it would’ve been going backwards.

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Question: How To Uninstall .net Framework Windows 10? - OS Today

Oh I am sure the SSD made a huge difference. The ones I have fixed would not allow the .net services to uninstall but I would try it first regardless. It’s not your friends fault. It’s a windows configuration thing.

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oh absolutely, i never blamed him. He just start a super small computer repair and built side business so i expected a little learning curve to iron out small things he may over look. I shot him a text and let him know and he helped me right away. Downloaded the latest dotnet framework, installed/restarted, redowloaded syn3 and we’re in! now to continue reading the tutorials to get the new maps and latest revision of 3.4! Thank you guys immensely for all your help.

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Syn3 Updater uses Net Framework 4.7.2

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I installed 4.8 i believe. Will that cause issues?

I need an actual error message, from the multiple error entries in your event viewer…