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Syn3 Updater is a application created to allow you full control in upgrading your car

Syn3 Updater allows you to update your Ford SYNC 3 powered car to versions later than 3.0 even if Ford says no! It also has many other functions including earlier access to new releases before the general public and more.

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Can you please help me in my issue. After I updated my vehicle with the latest patch I couldn’t find the feature of Speed Limit Voice warning. How can I bring it back since I depend on it too much.
Ford, Lincoln MKZ 2018

My SYNC version is F1.7.1.1_R20281a, can I upgrade to SYNC 3.4? Because I don’t see this version on the Sync 3 Update software? Can you help? Thank you!

This is not sync 3 it’s sync 2.5, no you can’t

Can Sync 2.5 be upgraded to Sync 3.0?
I have Sync 3.0.18025 but not sure if it works, thanks

As per our documentation replacements hardware is needed

Any chance future updates could use different colors for the progress bars?

Light theme isn’t bad, but dark theme… Dark grey progress bar on a medium grey background? I didn’t even realize there WAS a progress bar for the longest time.

The progress bar is your windows accent colour, you control it hence the screenshots showing it as cyan as my accent colour is cyan

That makes sense, I’ve got Windows set to an overall dark theming. Thanks!

Hi… I have problems to update syncupdater to 2.11.6 it keep on 2.11.5
I have uninstall updater and install it manuel but it keep always on 2.11.5… What is wrong ?

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I forgot to update the version number you are on the latest version, I’ve got some sort of sickness currently so haven’t been able to fix it.

Anybody have issues downloading 3.4? my download is only taking 20 seconds so I am confident it is not downloading whole program as every video says it takes 1 hour with navigation? I have tried both manual and auto download?

Seems like you should read our documentation, you are downloading an interrogator tool based on your answer to the MY20 question based on our documentation.

Hope you realized what you actually downloaded otherwise you shouldn’t be doing this.

I updated from 3.0.20204 to 3.4.22251 on my Ford Kuga 2017 with Navigation and DAB+ without any problems.
After about 1 hour, the update was ready and after the factory reset everything went as expected.

Many thanks to the developer of this software.

I have a 1TB drive i keep getting a error while downloading drive isnt big enough any ideas?

Which brand is it?
Post an image of the error.

Hi sir
What is the problem please?

No idea

Same error for me too and this is on two computers. My .NET has been updated to 4.7.2. I also have no drop down menu in the usb selector. Would it have something to do with being on Windows Enterprise v1893?

Thanks for the help.