Sync 2.5 - Focus 2019 Android auto disconnecting

Hi! I have recently bought a Ford Focus 2019. It has Sync 2.5
I have version R5.4.1.1_R18405a
It shows no updates via Wi-Fi.
Also i’ve heard about problems with sound drops. Mine works just fine. THe thing is that on bluettoth the sound is not as good as in android auto.
But i want to know if there are newer updates and what the bring new to it .
Thank you!

Make sure your phone is updated and perform a Master Reset of the Sync system, then re-pair the phone. Most of these issues are related to old cache settings or BT profile. A Master Reset will clear this and re-pairing the phone will hopefully clear the issue.

  1. Unplug phone from USB
  2. Master Reset Sync Screen
  3. Remove the Ford Sync from Android Bluetooth settings. (Unpair)
  4. Open Android Auto App. Select Three Line menu → Settings → Connected Cars → Three dot menu → Forget all cars
  5. Via Android Settings-> Apps
    5b. Android Auto → Storage → Clear Data
    5c. Go back to App list, Select the three dots menu → Show System Apps
    5d. From App List locate Google Play Services → Storage → Manage storage → Clear All Data
  6. Connect phone to Sync USB while screen powered on and unlocked for both devices
  7. Setup prompts should start on Sync and phone for Android Auto and Bluetooth.

It will never be, due to bandwidth constrains and other technical stuff related to BT. If you want audio quality, use a pendrive with files on it or Android Auto.

It was the cable, replaced it with a shorter one and now it works fine.

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