Sync 2 to 3 upgrade, Flank guard display activation


I got a trouble with activating my Flank guard display on my sync 3 unit. I had sync 2 before and just retrofitted it. I read on the forums that I need to update my PAM module.

Could someone guide me through this procedure to resolve this issue?

I got access to forescan extended and vlinker FS

the car is an europan mondeo mk5 2015 (same as fusion basically)

the car got 4 sensors in the front, 4 in the back


Another issue with another car, which we did sync 1 to 3 conversion for.


  • Rear view camera wont work, even if we tried activating it in forescan using the non-asbuild format settings

  • Rear parking sensor beeping chime works, but for front sensors they wont beep, no chime


Make sure the camera is connected correctly to the APIM.
APIM Connector Versions.pdf (201.5 KB)

Yes, you will likely need to update the PAM.

Could you send me new firmware for it? thanks

You will need to tell me what you need based on what FORScan says.

I send to your some DTCs i get in forscan tomorrow. I think there is a miscommuncation between the APIM and PAM.

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