Sync 2 to Sync 3 Auto, Max Defrost and Max AC

I upgraded my 2015 Ford Explorer XLT to a Sync 3 system, it apparently has the old CanBus version. I have the latest Sync version 3.4.20351.
My explorer came with 1 Auto option & Max A/C. The Sync 3 head unit has Auto with 3 fan options, Max Defrost Enabled, and Max A/C missing. Most spreadsheets have this as a 7D0-08-02 setting, which is not available to me. Is there another option to change this setting?
I thought about installing this Sync 3 unit in my 2017 Ford F350 to see if I could change the display setting.
Does anyone now I can change this so the screen option are correct for my explorer? These are the last two changes I need to make so it works properly.

for 08 etc you need to update the APIM Firmware

This auto answer doesn’t provide solution. Anyone have an idea?

It’s not a auto answer…

This lists all known APIM AsBuilt values, if it’s not there then we don’t know.

If it’s only changeable with 08 then as mentioned previously you need to update your calibration firmware.

where is the 08 coming from?

From your own message, you said 7D0-08-02 which contains 08, referred to as section 08 in APIM AsBuilt

Sorry, completely missed that. OK, will the firmware update expose the 7D0-08 blocks then with the older version of the Can Bus? Just trying to get it all straight. Thanks for your patience with me.

I had a Focus 2015 and after updating calibration it showed it and you’ll be able to change values etc but it won’t add new features to your car

So did your Sync 2 unit have all the controls for the AC, and does the vehicle (XLT version) have Automatic Climate Control?
The 7D0-08-02 settings will not solve your issues, as these are just additional menu items you can add to control features thru the center stack screen. If it doesn’t show up in the Climate screen, it will not show up there.

It will work in the truck.

Yes, the Sync 2 had all the climate controls for the AC. The issue is the climate overlay with the new unit. Original, single Auto, New 3 button/fan Auto. Original Single Defrost, New Max Defrost. Original Max AC & AC, New AC. The 7D0-08 seems like it controls the overlay, which seems like it should enable or disable the features, at least per the spreadsheet.

As you’ve been advised already, the 7D0-08 options will not solve your issue, they are menu options for far newer vehicles than yours. I believe you’ve seen the HS4 option in the asbuilt sheets referring to these settings, your vehicle does not have HS4 as it is too old.

Alright, I’m really close. I got the climate control buttons all correct on the screen. They are just greyed out, and the temps aren’t displaying. I can’t find the switch to enable them.

Have you checked the climate section of this

Yes, I’ve been looking through it. Seems like the 7D0-01-02 middle block might be it. So far unsuccessful.

Well it doesn’t seem that the 7D0-01-02 middle block will enable the screen. Any suggestions?

Was your engine on when you tested this?

I tried it both ways. On, then it didn’t work. Reverted it. Changed it with just ignition on, and same result.

The options are grayed out because the APIM is not communicating properly with the climate functions in the vehicle. This could be ignition or run, but also most likely the CGEA/C1MCA version is set incorrectly. A 2015 Explorer is not CGEA 1.3, rather it is CGEA1.2/C1MCA. This is evident from the SWC setting of 21, which indicates CGEA 1.2. Also, above you indicated Sync 2 was Single/Auto (Single Zone/Auto) and you have Dual Zone set.
7D0-01-01 xxxx xxx* xxxx is set to 0, try changing to 4.
7D0-01-02 xxxx xxxx *xxx is set to 9, try changing to 1.

Look thru your settings for similar changes for CGEA.

Sorry. I have Single/Auto (Dual Zone/Auto/Rear Climate) Heated Seats.