Sync 2 to Sync 3 Upgrade 2015 Explorer Sport

Hello everyone brand new here to the page.

I recently installed a sync 2 to sync 3 upgrade this past friday, I have searched the threads here and and I guess call me a noob but I can’t quite find what I need or I just dont know how to implement what i need correctly. I have downloaded and activated ForeScan and have learned how to navigate and make changes But I still cannot get my upgrade to function correctly. Since the install I have added all the correct buttons to the climate screen but they do not work. They beep but do not function, they is no temp displayed in the arrow adjustments, HSW button is there but doesnt function, same with heated and ventilated seats, I also have no sterring wheel controls but volume. Additionally the clock displays --:-- even after setting it. I have downlaoded and printed several asbuilt spread sheets but have had no luck with changes. any help here would be muchly appreciated.

Post your current AB for your APIM here. I would bet it is in the AB settings.

That is your factory As built for Sync 2. This tells us nothing other than if you’re using these settings than your settings are totally wrong.

Post your current APIM settings that you’re using.