Sync 2 to Sync 3 upgrade, transfer of features

Hi all, I have just purchased a new focus after someone someone decided to not avoid me enough and hit my back end. Again this car has Sync 2, but also had a number of features my car didn’t have. such as self parking, rear camera ect. If I buy a new Sync 3 system like last time and fit it like I did with my previous car, will all these features be reenabled? When I bought it previously I had to give the chap my VIN so he could code it to the car.

You will need to configure the AsBuilt of your SYNC 3 to have the features that your car has in order for it to work.

Usually the easiest way is find a car on autotrader that has the same features as your car but has SYNC 3 factory, grab the license plate, wack it in ETIS Vehicle Lookup get the VIN, put the VIN in ForScan / UCDS and grab the asbuilt for that car, apply that AsBuilt to your SYNC 3 APIM then tweak and small differences.

That is a great idea. I will start having a look see it :slight_smile: I was hoping they would work out of the box, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the case.

To add, with my previous car everything worked out of the box. my rear sensors for example. Im not sure why that is? as I would imagine they are controlled by the APIM

You said you gave them your VIN, they would have matched the features up

It sounds like you’re buying a UK titanium X? If so, get the asbuilt from a late 2017 or 2018 Titanium X and copy it over yours, I’ve done the same.

Where did you get your sync 3 module from? On my previous car, I got it from Ali express. And yes it’s a U.K 65 plate titanium X

Always ebay, aliexpress modules are almost always grey market at best, or worst are counterfeit modules. It’s cheaper to source them within the UK on ebay.

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