Sync 3.0.18025 update to 3.4xx


Can I update from SYNC 3.0.18025 to 3.4 using the automatic method or do I have to do it manually with factory mode?

Or simply download 3.4 automatically and plug in USB and you’re done?

Best off using the automatic mode unless you know what you’re doing.

You will need to reformat , the program will set the USB up for you to do it all in 1 process.

I read that afterwards the steering wheel heating did not work on some of them. The button wasn’t there.
Does anyone know more?


I have a similar question:I have a SYNC version: 3.0.20092. Can this be updated to the latest 3.4 version?

Thanks a lot!

Yes! You can, it works. I have updated 3.0.18025

Was the steering wheel heat button there?

Yepp. everything was as before