Sync 3.0 to 3.4 - FORScan questions

I’m currently on 3.0 and have used forscan to modify some settings on home screen (heat and cool seats and steering wheel heat buttons added, etc) and on the smaller dash screen (temps above trans and oil, etc).

Does this affect updating to 3.4 at all using the automatic update downloader?

Are these forscan values retained or should I be prepared to reset those values using forscan when finished updating to sync 3.4?


Hi, it won’t affect updating, you may need to change or restore some forscan values after as a few values are slightly different on 3.4,

If you have the Ford GT theme currently running on your APIM, you will need to change it to the Ford Classic or other theme as it will black screen when you upgrade to 3.4, as it is not supported.

What model of vehicle?

Oh yeah forget about that bit although not a massive issue as can be changed after

2016 F150. I only ever had the stock display. I use night mode all the time, I like the blacked out look. Working through update as we speak. 15 minutes in…

Na nav will be about 25mins

Thanks for the insights and help. Can confirm the heated / cooled seats and steering wheel display functions returned after the update. Can confirm update was about 27 minutes. Can confirm (as of yet anyway) night mode for display is “broken”? Looks like the day mode, preview of night mode for display backgrounds appear white (as if not available or something). Not the end of the world. There are greater tragedies in life.

Update verified to be 3.4 build 19274.

That’s the way it is in Auto mode with automatic lights. If you put it in night mode it will be darker, and you can adjust the brightness.

It’s in night mode. In sync 3.0 the screen was a black background, not blue or blue like.

Correct. “Night Mode” on v3.4 is now blue.

Well that sucks. Oh well, updated navigation maps is worth the trade off I guess.

If you switch to the Lincoln MY20 theme it will be a very dark gray, but not black. But you will have Lincoln branding on shutdown. You can select Ford boot screens. This will need to be done with FORScan. Go to the as-built database to see the selections.

I run the Lincoln MY20 theme and the EVO (Ford Performance) boot screen in my 2015 F150.

Thanks. Just to clarify, running the Lincoln MY20 theme is something I have to put in when downloading the software in the cyanlabs program, then convert the Lincoln branding after install with forscan? The only thing I’m unsure of is the getting Lincoln MY20 theme.

Connect to the APIM using FORScan and make the changes. I will PM you the info.