Sync 3.0 to 3.4 update -> Brightness button disabled

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Today I updated my Ford Fusion 2018 (North America). Everything seems to be working well, but the Brightness button is disabled (for all three modes: Auto/Day/Night).
I did Master reset (twice) and Power cycle the car (stop engine, open door, etc.).
Is this a known issue (I only saw a few references here, with no clear explanation or solution)?

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I’ve done a quick search, could you please try it while the headlights are on? (try day/night mode).

Did you have a GT Theme prior upgrading?

The brightness being disabled with the engine off and/or in daytime is normal. This was changed just after 3.4.19101. The brightness is now controlled thru the vehicle illumination controls

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Damn - with the headlights on the brightness setting is indeed enabled.
What would be the login behind it?
I noticed that when enabled, even setting it to maximum it’s still not as bright as it is without headlights on (and the setting disabled). Why shouldn’t I be able to set it to maximum?
Nevertheless, I am glad this is something Ford introduced and not a problem from upgrading the Sync system.

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@F150Chief , do you think that changing lightning strategies via forscan may help?
Or is it by design?

The changes that have been made by Ford are by design and originate from the various safety organizations in NA and EU. Other manufacturers are following along also. This is similar to the restrictions on USB browsing, etc., targeting driver distraction. These restrictions are meeting severe feedback to the manufacturers by consumers. Ford has revised some of these restrictions, like the NAV functions in motion, to allow for limited interaction now vs the total restriction before.

The lighting strategies, NA and EU, may provide slightly different behaviors but I think the brightness (illumination) is still controlled globally by the vehicle illumination system. I have not tested this but from various conversations on this forum and others, that’s what I understand the behavior to be. I don’t know what the exact differences are between CGEA 1.3+ and Non-CGEA 1.3+ Illumination strategies, or the NA and EU strategies.

7D0-01-01 x*xx xxxx xxxx
PDC HMI, Reverse View Camera (RVC 8" screen Only), Reserved, Illumination Strategy
7D0-02-02 xxxx xxxx *xxx
Longwave (LW)/DAB L-Band, Enhanced Memory, CGEA1.3+ Illumination Strategy, Illumination Change Step/Gradual

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See post above.

Since the illumination is controlled by the vehicle illumination system, I think there is a limit the brightness adjustment hits before it is actually fully bright, that is, you can only turn it up as far as the vehicle illumination will allow.

Screens being very bright inside the car at night time are distracting and cause your eyes to adjust improperly as the outside (where you need to see better) is dark. Screens/gauges should really be turned down to a lower brightness at night time for best night vision. Give it a try sometime…I did and I never went back to bright interior lighting at night.

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