Sync 3.0 to 3.4 upgrade, lost nav

i upraded from 3.0.XXX to 3.4.20237. after the upgrade a get a message that there is a navigation fault. Any help would be appricated.

Did you select maps (navigation) while downloading data? We need to know what you did, what package you installed to help you.

I checked the box for navigation and selected keep maps i believe

You can’t keep maps, not compatible. You’ll have to redo the upgrade with maps. You’ll have to downgrade to 3.3.19052 first.

i reinstalled and got it working, thanks for the help!

hey chief,
so i have my music on a usb, after then upgrade, i keep getting a error. when i start the car ig et a “Attempting to reconnect to media device” message, followed by “the media device is not available”. about 5 seconds after that sync recognizes the usb and i can then switch the source to usb. Any ideas?

There was a bug in a previous version Sync version that would cause something like this on startup, but it was fixed in 3.4.20196. You can try a master reset if you have not done so. Also, if you use CarPlay/AA, don’t plug in the phone before you start the vehicle.

However, since you were on Sync 3.0 and upgraded to 3.4, the usb hub is an older model and not CarPlay compatible, as well as being older hardware running with a new software version. I would look into upgrading to a new usb hub if you have not done so. This would be my suspect…

A few years ago I ran into an almost identical issue using a usb hard drive for music and during one winter it was near 10 degrees F for a few days. The drive would not start and I got the identical message. Switched to a SSD and all was well. I have also seen cheap usb sticks not perform well in the cold, but these are the bargain bin types which tend to be knock off copies of respectable companies.

Couple questions, would you have a part number for the new hub? For a 17 focus. Also you switched to a USB ssd?

Not offhand, but EBay has them listed.
I switched to a usb ssd.

EDIT: The usb hub you need is this part:

I reformatted the thumb drive and re copied the music, seems to have fixed the problem for now

If you don’t use an iPhone, you’re probably good to go, then.

This is a bug in Syn3 Updater as you shouldn’t have been able to select this option, it is fixed in the upcoming Syn3 Updater 2.0

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