Sync 3 2017 EU To US Firmware

Is it possible to change the Firmware on a HM5T - 14G370 - GNG APIM (With Nav.) From EU to US
FM and Navigation dosn’t need to work.
I want to try the US Firmware for The Maestro DSR1 witch dosn’t work on EU Firmware

I think you might be confused.
What do you mean by “firmware”?.

The Region Change in the Updater

So for you, “firmware” = “region change” ???

I am trying to convert everything from German To English
But i mean that the updated Software is diffrent between US and EU versions

Ok!, so that’s what I thought.
Firmware IS NOT that, firmware IS NOT a Sync3 version.
In the IT world, Firmware is something else.
A “crude” analogy: in laptops, the BIOS is FIRMWARE, Windows/Mac is Sync3 (the operating system).

Having said that, Sync3 package is multiregion, so installing US would result in the same Sync3 package being stalled for EU. You can easily check by selecting it in Syn3updater, you will see that the APPS package is the same for both regions.

That’s “The Maestro DSR1” exactly?

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Yes the Rockford Fosgate DSR1 (Maestro)
For some Reason it dosn’t work on EU Region Vehicles But on US
Perhaps the External Sony amp Option is Deactivatet for the EU market and therfore the binding of the DSR1 dosn’t work

It can be activated thru FORScan on the APIM. The difference in the EU and US application is the ACM, not the APIM.

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So without a new acm it isn’t possible?
It is it reprogrammable?

You will have better luck looking for Calibrations not Firmware.

I tried activating it over forscan But it dosn’t work
Has Someone working calibration files for the EU ACM?

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