SYNC 3.4.20136 ANZ no climate control

Hello everyone, I just updated from 3.3 to 3.4.20136 ANZ in my Eco Sport MY 2019 Titanium, this one has climate control on the dash (automatic not the manual one) and this was not available on 3.3, As far as I can see this could be working on the screen on this version (3.4) but it is not showing right now, I just wanted to check if this is an issue with my installation or an issue with my vehicle.

thanks in advance

I think the fact you didn’t have it on 3.3 I believe it was due to ASBUILT; same remains for 3.4.

Some of the guys that are more experimented with this will guide you, but you will need an adapter and forscan to change some values.

Nothing wrong with your update, you didn’t had it before and you do not have it now.

if you didn’t have it before you won’t have it now, you can enable it with forscan and tweaking the asbuilt, for further information