SYNC 3.4.21194 and FordPass

Does anyone who’s upgraded to 3.4.21194 use FordPass.

This pile of cack app hasn’t been able to connect to the car since a few updates ago. I only use it for the oil quality monitor. FordPass works on the car but doesnt seem to want to recognise the phone app,

FordPass has updated many times, I’ve updated my phone and even upgraded to a newer model Android phone to try to cure this. I’ve reformatted SYNC and reflashed twice to see if there was any issue.

For now I’m going to go back to SYNC 3,3,? to test.

Cheers peoples.

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Works fine. Did you retrofit FordPass to your vehicle or did it come with it? I suppose we’re talking about the 2017 Focus RS? I’m guessing your vehicle came with Sync 3.0 and the TCU was added?

If you reformatted the APIM then you wiped out the relationship to the TCU. What did you reflash?
Also, if it doesn’t work on 3.4 going back to 3.3 really won’t do anything for you…

Thanks for getting back to me. There is no TCU, The oil reporting feature is the only reason i want this app to work. I was going to try going back to 3.3? because at least FordPass worked with that and i’m curious to see if it will work because its only recently the app failed and i want to eliminate the car being the cause. I was chatting to Fordpass support about it but i seem to get a different operator each time and they all ask to to jump through diagnostic hoops each reply and i’m well versed with their routine.

When i say reflash i meant reinstall SYNC software

If FordPass was not equipped on your vehicle originally. Then you probably have FordConnect, which still utilizes a TCU module but this is an older version. Ford Connect does not talk with the APIM like FordPass, it’s just a vehicle monitoring feature. This is being phased out completely in favor of FordPass, except for the commercial vehicle market with gets an integration to FordPass commercial version. FordConnect uses 3G cellular, so support for that and the app ends soon, end of 2022 I believe, from Ford.

FordPass was installed the week i got my car and has worked well until recently, this is a U.K. car and does NOT have the modem installed. I have never used FordConnect.

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I am not aware of a method that installs FordPass without a modem. Do you have a OBDII dongle/adapter that they installed?

Do you have this? If you do, there is a modem. It will show the ESN in the Sync screen.

How to activate your FordPass Connect Modem | Ford UK

Well its been on my focus since day dot and has worked well until recently, i also had it on my works transit van as does my son and my bosses kuga

Yes. It’s actually FordPass Connect. I was calling it the wrong name from an earlier version. In any case, the FordPass app does not connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth for vehicle information. The phone is connected via BT for the other functions and features, but not FordPass, other than the FordPass app menu. FordPass uses a TCU modem to connect to the vehicle infrastructure to gather information. This connects to the vehicle CAN networking for the supported features. The APIM has no role in FordPass other than an HMI. However, sometimes Sync app updates can cause FordPass to malfunction. If you look in the ‘About Sync’ screen on the APIM, it will list the modem ESN.

If the ESN does not appear on the APIM screen, you do not have FordPass, either a modem or application in the vehicle.

So, in the US the following procedure works…

Take the vehicle out of FordPass. Delete the app on the phone to clear the app cache. It is best to do this the day before you try the rest of this, as this action needs to process through the Ford system. This step is important to clear the cache on the FordPass end.

To reset the FordPass TCU, remove the battery cable for 5 minutes then reconnect. This should force the TCU to a ‘waiting to authorize’ mode.
Without the vehicle in FordPass, install the app on the phone. DO NOT add the vehicle to the app at this time.
Perform a master reset on the Sync system. Reboot the Sync system by shutting down the vehicle for 5 minutes, then start the vehicle, engine running. Add your phone to Sync.
Now go to the FordPass app, add your vehicle. Once your vehicle is added, log out of the app and terminate the app on the phone.
Open the app, log in, and activate your vehicle. You should get an email and/or message in the FordPass app that says activation is pending.
You should get a message on the Sync screen to authorize the vehicle. Say yes. You should get an email and/or message in the FordPass app that says activation is done. It will take a few minutes for the app to populate info. You might have to sign out of the app on the phone and log back in to get the data initially.
Turn off vehicle.

If you do not get the emails/messages, or you get a message that says activation is not available, then something is wrong on the Ford end. Sometimes it takes a day or two for this to be resolved.

Also in the UK, also works fine.

I’ve never heard of the expression FordPass Connect, the car does NOT have a modem. The app talks to my phone via Bluetooth.

FordPass connects via Bluetooth, FordPass Connect connects via TCU (modem)

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I DO NOT have a modem

YES WE KNOW! i wouldn’t rely on the app for oil life anyway, but to answer your initial question no one that i’m aware of has the issue you are having, likely because most people would have a TCU if they use fordpass.


The oil life seems to be set up for 3000 mile changes as it goes pretty quick…I’ve seen many comments about this.

I rely on the app as my car is really low mileage, i’ve done less than 200 miles since the last oil change ad the car is complaining it needs a oil change, If i had the app i could have bought oil in advance.

As for the TCU i think thats a stateside thing, nobody in the U.K. that i know with an RS has one and some of them run FordPass.

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Yea they also set them for a time limit in case cars sit for a long period of time. If you put so few miles on it than you are more than likely hitting the time limit not the mileage.

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I have this issue with mine…less than 5000 miles/year. 2015 F150 Platinum, total of 23,201 miles. Retrofitted it with FordPass Connect…

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I think what you have is called Fordpass Smartlink. A Ford dealership would not put a TCU in a car at the dealership. They would add Smartlink to a 11-17 car though at the dealership.

That is the one that connects to the ODBII port…