Sync 3.4.21194 - Feedback & Issues

I attest to the same. I dont want to jinx myself just yet.

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Upgraded my 2017 F150 with synch 3.4.21098 to 3.4.21194 without any issues. Didn’t update the maps since they are already at the latest and it took about 15 minutes.

Just updated my 2018 Focus. No issues so far, but it took a master reset to restore IPC and Sync brightness dimming synchronization.

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To those who had already upgraded to 21194, can you please check if the USB playback bug (glitches / stuttering during playback) is still present?.


Still there with Carplay :neutral_face:

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I will say on my G model APIM it never happened enough to be something I paid much mind to. 21194 MAY have improved it some? I have noticed one or two ‘skips’ so far that feel like they are a lot more subtle like maybe a smaller chunk of the file is being skipped over?

Note: I do use a high quality Samsung USB 3.0 flash drive for the music drive in my vehicle. Unless I make changes to it, it stays permanently installed in the USB hub.

Note 2: Also I exclusively have FLAC on this drive, with a good chunk being high res (96khz or higher) files.

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Thank you guys, the fact that two 3.4.21194 users confirmed this is still present sadly confirms this is a 3.4 feature at the moment, since this issue has been present since the early 3.4 builds. Makes you wonder if it’s going to be fixed, ever.

So until now, only issue with this latest build is this one, which is not new.


Just updated 2 of my cars and had no problems. Seems a bit snappier also.

Hey. I don’t think its a problem with the updates,. From what i can gather from talking to other people it seems to be a problem with the OS since ford switched from Microsoft to the new OS.

What? SYNC 3 (Version 1.x to 3.4) has always been QNX, Sync 2 was Microsoft.

Cheers to all of you!

I just updated without any problem and everything is working fine. My USB always worked fine and it continues…

Hugs for the whole community, but very special for the Men (CYAN) who help us every day.


What drive do people use that have no playback issues?

I used about seven different drives and my current unit is a SSD drive hooked up with a USB adapter. This config seems to come online fastest and had a few fewer glitches.

I use an SSD drive hooked up with a USB adapter and have very few glitches. Drive is a Transcend StoreJet TS128GESD400K. I leave it in the truck, works in the Texas heat and cold, no issues. If we discuss this further we should make a thread for it…

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Guys, we appreciate your feedback, but let me clarify something: this is not the place to discuss this, as F150 said. I only asked if this issue was still present at the current build because this was introduced for many users going from 3.0 to 3.4 many months ago, and users kept using the same USB drives than they used to before upgrading to 3.4.

Thank you for understanding!

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Multiple sources online suggest flickering from day/night & brightness changes is no longer present, any one got any feedback on this ?


It first I thought it was fixed, but then I noticed I’d lost IPC and Sync brightness synchronization. Brightness could be adjusted from Sync without flickering but it was independent from IPC and dashboard lights.

After a master reset, old behaviour was restored (brighness flickering and syncronization). Must say I didn’t try it outdoors with light sensor, but in my case the behaviour is the same when manually dimming with dashboad buttons.

I noticed I can call some phone contacts using the sync voice command now that didn’t work before. I had one, John & Linda, where I always had to say the whole thing to get it to work. Now just call Linda or call John work. I always forgot I had them in my phone that way and the damn thing wouldn’t take one name only. Maybe that’s something new, or dumb luck?

Has anyone verified that 21194 resolves the Sirius Travel Link issue that was present with 21098?

Much thanks for CL for the tool/resources to downgrade to 21020 in my 2020 F150 where the Sirius traffic info is used a lot!

You are in luck, yes. Take that with a grain of salt because the update has only been out like a week, but several reports from the F150 and F250 forums have indicated it does fix the issues. It did fix this issue in my 2019 Nautilus.

Just use the Syn3 Updater to autoinstall to 3.4.21194 with the new voice file also.

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Fixed the TravelLink issues on my Escape. No problems since updating to 21194.