SYNC 3.4 22020 and map update from F7 to F10

I have sync version 3, 4U5T-14G371-GDE, originally sync 3.4 version 20136 updated will go to 3.4 22020
Maps still in original F7 (EU). To update the maps to the F10, should I select the update only maps option and choose the F10 version?
The update from what I read on the forum should last about 2h30min. Does the update have to be done at once - should I drive the car until the update is complete or can I insert the USB stick and use the car normally, and the maps will finally be updated?

Are you sure your unit came with 3.4 from stock?
If so, that’s a MY20 unit which can’t be reformated. But, the part number seems to indicate it’s not a MY20, so that’s why I asking since you said it originally came with 3.4.

About the upgrade yes, you can try that and it has to be done one shot.

It would be best to confirm if you really have a MY20 unit or not, because if not you could just reformat it: will be faster and cleaner.

A final note: it’s not recommended to upgrade to 22020 since there are some packages missing (logos, for instance) for that build. If you do not care about those, the it’s ok.

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Originally I had apim version 5U5T-14G371-AKC (no navi).
I changed to the older version ( from focus mk4 production 23 January 2019) 4U5T-14G371-GDE (with navi)
There was sync version 3.4.20136 and maps F7.

I have updated to 3.4.22020.

current log:
Version 5U5T-14G381-EV
APIM model: 4U5T-14G371-GDE
APIM Type: Navigation
APIM size: 64GB
Free APIM slot: 15G
04/08/2022 22:36:26 +00: 00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 60M / 1.1G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 66M / 2.3G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 68M / 2.1G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 42M / 1.4G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 69M / 2.0G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 17M / 2.6G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 488K / 24M
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 81M / 2.8G
/ fs / sd / MAP / = 107M / 2.8G
/ fs / Nuance / = 269M / 4.5G
/ fs / Nuance / = 278M / 4.6G
/ fs / Nuance / = 248M / 4.1G
/ fs / Nuance / = 182M / 3.3G
/ fs / Nuance / = 8.4M / 1.9G
/ fs / Nuance / grace = 21M / 1003M
/ fs / rwdata / = 829M / 1.2G
/ fs / rwdata / quip / = 35M / 35M
/ fs / rwdata / quip / = 88M / 90M
/ fs / mp / = 85M / 1.4G
/ fs / mp / resources = 476K / 71M
/ fs / images / = 15G / 54G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 8A6A039A57023C0040C2
DE01: 504C0C0BC00B4890ACBC6E05
DE02: 0000010000
DE03: 00001D0002010A
DE04: 190519052653
DE05: 80
DE06: 0B0033000000005EF100005656690061

regards, Tomasz

Well, yess, you have F7 maps. This APIM was originally Sync 3.3 with F7 maps, so is NOT MY20+. You can use the Syn3 Updater to reformat the unit and install Sync 3.4.21265 with maps and voice without issue.

Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

Is reformat a better solution in my case?
Is the update map not sufficient?

It’s up to you.

As you read, only maps via autoinstall is quite a lengthy process and may have some issues; you need to keep the unit on for that amount of time and will have multiple reboots.

Reformat is quicker, cleaner and safer since it wipes everything and start from scratch.

We always recommed reformat if possible.
But again, it’s up to the user.

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After selecting the region / version / version of the map, the installation mode is set to download / protection mode is ON.
Is that what I have to do?

The second method is to turn off the MY20 protection mode in the advanced settings and select the reformat method?

Thank you guys for help.
regards, Tomasz

Thank you for the feedback, enjoy your upgraded system.

Just for reference, if you disable MY20 and configure Syn3Updater with the correct current and desired versions, it will auto select downgrade as installation method (since you were already on a s later 3.4 build), reformat tool can’t run on latest 3.4s hence the downgrade and then reformat operation.

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