Sync 3.4.22020 - Feedback & Issues

Had 21265 before. Sync3updater updated the app version. then for whatever reason, no dropdowns for Sync version i wanted to install. Tried restarting app, same thing. Ended up reinstalling Sync3updater after downloading the installer. worked.

22020: installed and did master reset. don’t see any new changes. I have a 10" screen too.

So far so good on my old G series APIM. I know in the Discord it was mentioned this version potentially had some high CPU usage concerns. Just in the brief 15 minutes or so of messing with it in my garage while doing some FordPass/TCU related stuff it seems fine. No performance changes for better or worse. Just Works ™.

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Radio logos won’t work without the updated database package, this is mentioned in the post.


Hi where get the new FM/DAB/Logos package ? it true I have lost some FM radios logos

It’s not available yet as mentioned in the first post

wszystko zainstalowane. nie widać nic nowego. działa jak poprzednia wersja.

‎all installed. nothing new is visible. works like the previous version.‎

The program has a problem. If you choose version 3.4.21265 the first 4 files are not shown (apps, voice, gracenote and logos). Bye, Giorgio.

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Do Ford have a predictable timeline for updates usually or do we wait for hell to freeze over?

The packages are ‘pending release’. As is 3.4.22048. So, I would just wait…



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Quote from FMods - Login

“Regarding the new version, it’s not yet available. 22020 has been cancelled due to (probably) bugs found during the test period. 22048 is the new that is currently under testing phase, if everything will go as expected, i think it will be published in April.”

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22020 is out in case you did not catch it.

People with inside knowledge have noticed that 22020 testing was ended without success so it’s unlikely this build will make it to the general public


Hello everyone, after the update to version 3.4 22020, I noticed that the parking sensors do not react as before. Is there an error in this regard?

Can you explain the issue?

Upgraded to 3.4 22020 from 21265, all good so far and voice function is working perfectly. Thank you so much! Vehicle is 2019 Fiesta ST MkVii NA.

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