Apple CarPlay USB Issue

I was able to update successfully though I’m still receiving the error, “Your Apple device could not be accessed via USB at this time.” I’m on iOS 15.4.1 as well. Who know if I’ll ever be able to use my sync again with CarPlay. :sweat_smile::skull:

I have been working with Apple’s CarPlay engineering team to send my logs to help in anyway I can but it still seems like it’s a dead end. Case has been open since November 21’.

@De_Oreo… I work as a technical expert at an apple store…if you have a backup, have you tried erasing the phone and setting up as new (not restoring the backup) to eliminate software or your data/settings as an issue?

I have, and I appreciate the advice. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. I don’t want to go off topic for this thread so feel free to send me a message if you have other ideas.

Since it’s not software, and I assume you have used multiple lightning cables, it’s probably hardware…I’d be looking at an Apple Store Genius appointment for device swap if in warranty…

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