Sync 3.4.22110 & 2021 Maps - Feedback & Issues


Sync 3.4.22110 has been found online and added to Syn3 Updater!

For each new release a specific thread will be created, please use this thread to post any feedback or issues you have noticed for the corresponding release.

Important Notes

This release contains a new Logo package, new Voice packages and therefore does not have the issues with missing logos that previous releases did.
Additionally maps have been released

EU : Reformat or AutoInstall (not ESN Locked)
NA : Reformat (ESN Locked)
ANZ : Reformat (missing license file)
ROW: Reformat (missing license file)
CN: Unknown

If you are not MY20 and can use reformat, Syn3 Updater may suggest downgrade instead of reformat if you are on SYNC 3.4.19274 or higher as the reformat tool is blocked on these and therefore needs to be downgraded first, this requires only 1 USB for the whole process still, do not attempt to override these modes unless you 100% know what you are doing


  • Do not reply to this thread with general issues that are not specific to 22110 or the new map packages
  • If you notice a bug or change specific to this feature report it below

Failure to follow the above rules will result in your post either being moved (if moderators or myself are feeling generous or deleted without prompt)

To clarify, MEM_ERR’s, Missing Logos, LST_ERRS etc should not be posted here, make a new thread using this Support Link

Install Methods

Syn3 Updater

You can update using Syn3 Updater

Quick Links

China : syn3updater://Region=CN;Release=3.4.22110
Europe: syn3updater://Region=EU;Release=3.4.22110
North America: syn3updater://Region=NA;Release=3.4.22110
Australia: syn3updater://Region=ANZ;Release=3.4.22110
ROW: syn3updater://Region=ROW;Release=3.4.22110

Manual Method

It’s also added to the manual method available at the below link

App Package URL

Official Issues

  • Clock will stop during ignition off
  • Clock and compass not working in non nav row hardware without TCU
    (Believed to only affect new vehicles, unconfirmed)

Community Spotted Issues

Sync 3 Phone button does not redirect to Carplay phone app after updating when Carplay is active

What I checked is this: disable Carplay in Sync. Pair iphone with Sync. Phone does turn up under phone button. Enable carplay. Phone disappears.

Gracenotes might not be working, may require a new package, needs to be tested, not showing in version information though.

Community Spotted Changes

Technical Information from FMods

Package Name: 5U5T-14G381-EZ
Epoch: 1652218180000
Major Version: 3.4
Build: 22110
Package Date: 2022-05-10
Release Date: 2022-05-22
Build Date: 2022-04-10
List of Changed files: SYNC 3 BUILD 3.4.22110 Changed files - by Fmods.netM Manifest.txtM NAV/Job -
Visible Changes: Not Tested!
Changes (based on diff):
Removed the Park Aid Toggle button from RVC Settings (cannot turn it off anymore i guess)
Updated some libs / binaries / ifs
Updated SXM Logo archive

Most important thing:
Does JB works? Yes!!

This is a milestone release.

Two things could happen now:

  1. They will start working on a new branch, like 3.5 or maybe a stripped 4.0, or more likely, they will continue developing version 3.4 (is still labelled as RC lol) and they will just change the package branch (E* finished the letters ^^)
  2. Sync 3 development stopped unless serious bugs are found

Hello will i need to reinstall 22110 after you repost it? or just the maps. Thank you

If you want new maps you will need to reinstall everything with a full reformat! MY20 units won’t be able to update!


Alright then anything <2020 (i`ve got an EU 2017 Focus) should work as far as i know with the full reformat right?

Yes, I’ve yet to review the packages as have been at work, hope to have it all up in the next hour or 2


Thank you very much, have a wonderful day!

Just as a FYI, package has been re-added to Syn3 Updater with all new logos and voice packages, OP will be updated soon, Map packages for EU and NA are also coming very soon, ANZ and ROW are partial map packages, CN is unlikely to come.

Will be fully up in the next hour or so


Slight technical issue occurred, still should be up very soon but not quite in my “next hour or so”

Whats does “ANZ and ROW are partial map packages” mean? My region is SA (included in ANZ). This means ANZ could be updated while not updating SA? Just asking before creating expectations :sweat_smile:


We have the Maps we don’t have the Voice for ANZ, we also don’t have the license file but it’s likely ESN locked requiring a reformat anyway

For ROW we have the Maps package, ROW doesn’t have a Voice Nav package so we are only missing the license file, again this is likely ESN locked requiring a reformat anyway…

Mainly the missing ANZ voice package is the issue currently.


OP updated!

This release contains a new Logo package, new Voice packages and therefore does not have the issues with missing logos that previous releases did.
Additionally maps have been released

EU : Reformat or AutoInstall (not ESN Locked)
NA : Reformat (missing license file)
ANZ : Reformat (missing license file and voice package)
ROW: Reformat (missing license file)
CN: Unknown


additionally if someone can confirm the map version numbers displayed in the SYNC 3 UI once they installed that would be great, could be F20, or F11 or something else for EU for example

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As soon as the EU maps land i’ll install ASAP and get back to you.

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maps are live :slight_smile:


They appeared after i’d downloaded the main software so i’m grabbing them right now. I’ll need to go fill my tank up with petrol do do an install. Thanks everyone for their input in this u pdate.

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Good evening to all.

I already installed software 22110, minus the maps. So far everything is working very well. The view did not notice any change. As soon as the maps are free, I will install them. Then I will give you news.

Thank you very much for your effort and cooperative will. Big hug.

The maps are free… ?


If I update with reformat (ANZ maps without map voice), could map voice files be installed afterwards once released? Or a new Reformat would be needed?

Apps 22110 package so far so good…

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good question, not sure… i would think yes but no guarantees

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