Sync 3.4.22110 & 2021 Maps - Feedback & Issues

Looking forward to updating China’s map navigation (2022)

Hello Cyanlabs, I also have the error described by user Michael2020 - Unable to read Data from the transport Connection …etc"
I will try it now whether it works to take only an open connection.

I will give an Response asap :slight_smile:
Many Greetz Alex

Thanks for the information, but regardless of the outcome i can’t do anything about this error

4 days later… so far not a single glitch observed while playing USB music


Ohhh i sudetly miss reformat tool on my MY20, befor i got MY19 and it was nice to update.Now it a pain

Just to reply my question, i tried ROW 2021 and it is 2020 q4 for middle east.

Buenas tardes. tengo ford focus 2019 con sync 3.4 revision 21020 y mapas F10
Pregunta: Puedo instalar solo los mapas F11?
muchas gracias

Yes, thru autoinstall. EU maps will take about 90 minutes, I think. Use the Syn3 Updater to create the installation.
Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs

Muchas gracias por la pronta respuesta y enhorabuena por la labor que realizais.
un saludo

‎Thank you very much for the prompt response and congratulations on the work you do. ‎
‎ Greetings‎

This has happened twice. I primarily use android auto via USB connection. When I disconnect my phone from USB the radio screen is black. I hold down the power and skip button to do a reset and that normally fixes the issue.

Just completed 22110 installation with maps. EU Fiesta mk8 2018my. Get current config from car.
Select new config from updater. Wait an hour while each file is checked, downloaded, verified, moved to usb, verified again with absolute thoroughness then place the completed stick in the car, following the instructions to the letter and as usual, it works flawlessly. Thank you Cyanlabs.


The voice control system in this edition is tiresome, requiring the address to be spelled out. The old one 21265 could recognise words far better. Find an address responded with “Say the number, street and town” which was much easier on the move. Wonder if I can downgrade to 21265 and keep the up to date maps?

You can, but voice for Sync3 is not the same as voice for nav, there are different packages.
You can always try downgrading to the previous version keeping maps, that will clear things up.

Thank you. That’s what I was hoping

Successful upgrade to 3.4.2210 and new maps. No issues reported and followed instructions to do a complete reset after update. Did this on a Sync3 with a PX6 Tesla style screen fronting it. :slight_smile:

Guess I did not know you could install Sync updates on an Android based OS.

From what I’ve seen of these systems, they retain the Sync system in the background and pass through the display to the android system with the factory USB ports maintained through to the original Sync APIM.

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Correct, they have part of the screen that can “switch input” to the SYNC 3 system essentially

Anyone else notice the adaptive volume seems to be working since this update? Or is it just me?

I have an adaptive volume pedal. But to your point, it does seem to be smoother or like a tiny delay rather than jumping right in. Mine has always worked but sometimes you would notice the volume change. It seems to act better now.