Sync 3.4 "delete"

Is it possible to delete update I installed from your site and bring it to stock version? There are no changes I had in mind.
If yes, please give me some instructions.


SYNC Region: Europe

Navigation Variant: No

Old SYNC Version: 3.0

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: 21265

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

As clearly mentioned on our website. No it’s not possible

You can’t go to 3.0 again, as clearly warned in the tutorial. But you can downgrade to 3.3, which looks like 3.3, but is not 3.0.

Yes, no problem. I read you can’t go back. But I thought in that time someone found something about that :wink:.

I thought the right picture (on top of that page with update instructions) would be my new theme. The one with “home” button in bottom center. But I just got new blue icons. Or have I missed anything?

I’d like my screen to look like that

Not gonna happen. That’s the old Sync 2 platform. Completely different hardware.

Aaa… shoot. So the older version has better design :sweat_smile::joy: Thanks… I saw something like that on someones C-max 2015 and I liked that. I don’t like mines :frowning:

I don’t understand, even if you could go back to 3.0 your screen would not look like that… So the original question does not really apply…

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Phone doesen’t work, when I select contact on touch screen. It worked before update. And some settings just gefs back to “default”. Sometimes when I start a car theme goes to “automatic”… although I have set it to dark. It happens lets say 2 times a month. Radio shut down two times while driving, since I updated.

So minor things that bothers me a bit.

But at the start before updating, I thought my theme would be something in region of that I posted, with 3.4. So I’m dissapointed in two ways

Try a Master Reset if you haven’t already. If the issues of settings reverting to default continue after doing so, you likely have a failing APIM.

Also, the Getting Started page on this site that references those images, does note the screenshot you linked is for Sync 2.

I tried with master reset but no luck.

Never mind about theme… I’ll get used to it.

The Sync 3 system is very similar to the Sync 1 Nav system but much better. Sync 2 was very buggy and slow although the 3.08+ versions were much better.

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