Sync 3.4 Hotspot question

Why does it look like it has no signal when it does and it working? I get this notification/ icon in the hot settings. I am talking about the one in the top right corner.image

That icon is for a Bluetooth connected phone not the hot-spot

I will see if it is still there when I have my phone connected to Bluetooth.

Update: it still shows that even when my phone is connected to Bluetooth??? It doesn’t affect anything as far as I can tell, just odd it shows like their isn’t any signal.

Did you master reset after installing 3.4?

Yes I did the master reset twice .

Hmm strange, I don’t have this issue on my fiesta. Signal shows up fine. I presume you have a data plan?

Yep I have the data plan, hotspot works, just shows that signal on that one screen , it also shows it for my wife’s 2018 expedition too. Just weird.

Go over to this forum and ask. The answer might be in this thread:

Thanks but that would be if your adding the hotspot to your vehicle if it didn’t come with it, I have it installed from the factory . Unless I’m missing something .

That icon is the ATT service. It will have the red X if the signal is missing from one of the antennas. There are 2 LTE antennas for diversity for the hotspot models. If your service still works on your hotspot, then something might be amiss with one of the antennas, or something else. The primary antenna is usually on the roof, like the sharkfin, and the second is usually by the back window or package tray.
BTW, you will only see this icon on this screen. The LTE (celluar) icon on the main screen is for your phone.

I assume the sharkfin antenna is for Hotspot and SiriusXM, and the stick antenna (for my vehicle) is for fordpass connect for unlocking, locking, etc. And the fm am antenna is usually mounted on the window that has black lines on it.

Sorry for the delay. We lost power Sunday and got it back late yesterday due to the weather around Houston. Today it was finally above freezing, big 34 degrees. It was Fg cold. Good thing you can run an F150 for hours at a time, no issues.

The shark fin antenna is for AT&T FordPass service and SiriusXM. The stick antenna? Which one are you referring to?
Hotspot antenna is built into the TCU Modem (FordPass) on the circuit board. If you have Hotspot, there is a diversity AT&T receive only antenna mounted up high in the vehicle.

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I am so sorry for that. I hope everyone’s okay. The stick antenna I’m referring to is like the ones that the f150s still use beside the hood, on the passengers side. Thanks for correcting me. I’m still learning, I just joined what, 3 months ago? Idk anymore. F150s are made :muscle:, don’t you forget that. They will last, and last, and last in WWIII lol


On some vehicles, yes…

Tried taking off the antenna and no signal lost, so…
My car is 90% European with the steering wheel to the left, don’t judge me​:worried::pensive:

That’s not uncommon, really. Go take a ride in the Blueridge and try it…