Sync 3.4 no gps, radio/ music issues


I have changed to sync 3 from the sync 1 or 2 myself about an year ago. Not sure which one was the original- had 4" screen and bluetooth.

Recently lost GPS completely- shows no gps icon, also at the same time the radio started changing stations on its own when the engine is off, if I play a playlist starts cycling through the songs.
There is no problem with the clock.

I updated the software hoping that this may fix it, but no change.
When I retrofitted the sync 3 I believe that the original gps antenna stayed connected- which is probably the reason for DTS - gps open circuit from day one but there were no issues until now.
I have also master and hard reseted the system a few times.

I am in UK and the model is Ford Focus Ecoboost 1.0, 2012.

Does anyone have an idea why this may of happened and how it may be fixed.?

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Could you run the APIM Interrogator and make a log and post here?
Do you have FORScan?
Do you have DTC’s in the APIM?

Sync_NX1900R1.xml (11.4 KB)
DTS.txt (4.6 KB)

Here is the log file and current DTS.
The DTS in ACM are from day 1, the DTS is APIM about the side detection - I think there was configuration that let me have parallel parking without the errors but can’t remember it and at the moment the error has no impact. There is a new GPS error - B119F - general electrical failure.

I have Forscan. If the GPS antenna needs replacement would that impact the radio/ music ?

As far as the APIM DTC’s, either the antenna is bad or the GPS section of the APIM could be suspect. I would try a new antenna. The Obstacle module (BLIS) faults are likely an asbuilt issue.
Since the old GPSM is connected, the compass and clock will still work as those are not connected to the APIM GPS in this vehicle.

===APIM DTC B119F:01-0B===
Code: B119F - GPS Antenna - General Electrical Failure
===APIM DTC U0232:00-0B===
Code: U0232 - Lost Communication With Side Obstacle Detection Control Module A
===APIM DTC U0233:00-0B===
Code: U0233 - Lost Communication With Side Obstacle Detection Control Module B

The ACM configuration needs reviewed. There is something not set correctly in the asbuilt. This is the issue with the audio problems…
Did you change out the ACM when you upgraded to Sync 3?

===ACM DTC U2101:00-2F===
Code: U2101 - Control Module Configuration Incompatible
===ACM DTC U0100:00-2F===
Code: U0100 - Lost Communication With ECM/PCM A
===ACM DTC U201A:57-2F===
Code: U201A - Control Module Main Calibration Data

Ordered new GPS antenna, should have it Wednesday but the car will have to go to a garage tomorrow for other issues not sure when I will be able to test.
The SYNC changed it all together as one if you mean the hardware to avoid possible incompatibility. As settings don’t remember changing anything there but changed in the PCM I think as was suggested at the time from the information I found.
The weird thing is that the music issues started at the same time as the gps stopped working - the issue is only if the engine is off, the moment I turn on the engine everything is OK. In past when the GPS worked there were no issues with the audio at all at any time - engine off or on.
When I have the car from the garage as I don’t know if will have time before that will see if disconnecting the GPS will do anything. Perhaps It’s possible that the GPS is not completely dead and making the SYNC thing that I am pressing the seek button- although even if that is the case not sure why would happen only with engine off.

Kind of odd symptoms. Replace the GPS antenna for that issue and then maybe the other will clear up (?). Let us know…

The most weird think is after disconnecting the faulty GPS antenna the problems with the music disappeared.
I assume the faulty GPS was sending incorrect voltage/ signal that by accident was matching the seek button signal or something like that or something was getting shorted. I don’t know much about electronics to know better.

But would say that if anyone in the future gets faulty GPS antenna is best to disconnect it to avoid any other potential damage while waiting for replacement!

Replaced the GPS and although I had signal didn’t update the map position until I did master reset.
Now everything is good as new.

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