Sync 3.4 stuck on "Starting Update"


My car is a U.S. Spec 2016 Ford Taurus Limited.
I’ve tried to update my Sync 3.0 to Sync 3.4 using the tutorial. I wanted to download the ROW version since that’s where I live currently. I’m now stuck at the screen where it says “Starting Update…” for the past 30 minutes and nothing changed. Is there a solution to this please?

Thank you very much.

Cut power to the sync unit, turn off car and open door for a few minutes, if that doesn’t work disconnect the battery. then connect it againa, turn on car and the process should start. sometimes it hangs at that step

Can you put ROW maps on a North America US spec 2016 Ford Taurus?


Thank you for your help! Sorry for the very late reply.
It turns out the problem was from my USB hub and it needed to be changed.

I believe so. It did not work for some people, but worked for me.

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